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11-25-2005, 04:34 PM
I read somewhere that some manufacture's are starting to phase out their large bulky heavy rear projection crt tv's as the obvious trend it towards the thinner lcd, dlp etc... sets

can anyone confirm this and provide a timeframe when/if the crt's are going to be no more?

I have a 60" Marantz (great TV for dvd's still very happy with the calibrated picture) that is about 5 years old and will want a HD set when HD dvd's have been around for a couple of years I have a built in wall unit and the depth and weight of a crt set is a non issue. My couch is 17 feet from the front of the set so I am thinking a 65" widescreen. any suggestions on makes and models if I need to get one sooner than later before the crt are not being made any more would be helpful

finally I know crt is the best bang for the buck right now but am I being shortsighted and maybe should go for the dlp,lcd,lcos etc.. in a couple years anyway I mean will the picture be much better than crt?


11-25-2005, 07:03 PM
The CRT projos will definately go the way of the buffalo in about 1-2 years. There will still be some manufacturers that will continue to make them (simply because of the cost to consumers), but you will be hard pressed to find them in about 1-2 years. I have heard grumblings that Hitachi (one of the best for the CRT projo) will not release any next fall and possibly Sony might follow suit. I still beleiver (as do many videophiles) that you cannot beat the picture of a CRT (for the time being - I'll explain below).... as long as you have the right environment for it. DLP, LCD will perform better in a brightly lit room, and provide you with better off-axis viewing angles. However, when you get rid of all the extra light, and sit head on with one of the CRT projos, you will have a better picture. Mind you, for the inherit downfalls of CRT's (as just mentioned), you will find that they are being ditched by many in favor of LCD/DLP TV's.

But don't stop there! Samsung has offically stopped production on all 42" and 46" DLP projos because of the market swing to plasmas. Hitachi has done the same a while back on their 42" as well. Give the market a bit more time, and you won't be able to find anything under 50" in a projection!

With wanting to upgrade your set, there are big advantages to the newer technologies that have just come out. Sony's SXRD is arguably the best looking HDTV on the market - twice the price of other sets of the same size - but still the best. The 13,000:1 contrast is amazing for a micro display, and the picture is just as smooth as a CRT. All the new 1080p TV's will likely give you a better picture than most CRT's, so I would set your sights on some of the newer sets when it comes to upgrading. If you want the latest and greatest, I would give the market about another 6 months for the 1080p sets to come down in price a bit and work out any kinks in their technology.


11-25-2005, 08:51 PM
I think HDTV's are like computers- they get subtantially better and cheaper each year. I read that within 2 years you will be able to get a name brand 32" LCD for around $800 retail. I'd basically advise anyone to get what they consider now the best deal for their money. IE, I have a 48" Mitsubishi Widescreen Rear projection CRT HDTV and to me the picture is perfect. It occurpies a space in my living room where it fits perfectly. Thus there is no need whatsoever for me to replace the with an LCD, Plasma or DLP set. If you have the room & are happy with the picture on a rear projection CRT & the price is reasonable, I'd advise you to buy it rather then wait. Of course, if money is no object, buy the TV set/type with the best picture now.