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11-25-2005, 09:55 AM
I have a Pioneer VSX-1015TX and just yesterday I was playing a CD and it switched off. I didn't have the volume up high, just enough to hear the music. I switched it back on, and it turned right on. I then played the same CD again, and it did it again.

So I switched cd's and it seemed to be working ok. Then I put it in surround (so the rear channels would be on) and it turned off immediatly. I read the manual, and it said that there could be loose wires, and check all connections. I pulled all banana clips, checked wires, at receiver and speakers. All wires are good. So I pulled the rear speaker (right) and turned on system. Everything worked fine, and no shut offs. I powered down, and put RR back into reciever, and it shut down again. So I put RR terminals in LR and left LR out to trouble shoot. Seemed to work ok, so I powered down and put LR back into receiver.

Powered up, and now it just shuts down as soon as I hit play on CD player.

What should I do? I tried to contact Pioneer, but they are closed for weekend.

Is this a common issue? It seems that there is some sort of internal error w/ reciever. I have not had any problems before yesterday, and am at a loss as to problem.

There have been no power shortages in neighborhood, and reciever is in a power strip/surge guard.

Thanks for any advise. I got it at BB and have warrenty coverage still on unit.

11-27-2005, 06:20 PM
Only thing to check is whether any of the speaker wires have loose strands touching the adjacent binding posts. Even though you already checked it, look closely for anything loose because of how closely packed together the binding posts are with most receivers. Loose strands can create shorts that trigger the receiver's protection mode even at moderate levels. If you got no loose strands with the cabling, then you have a defective receiver. Power supply and switching issues are fairly common receiver defects. If you bought it recently, then BB should just give you a replacement unit.