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11-25-2005, 12:48 AM
hi, its my first time to acquire a bi-wireable speakers and now i am wondering if i should bi-wire or does bi-wiring improve the sound reproduction? if i would bi-wire, is it ok if id be using different wires for the LP and the HP signals?

11-25-2005, 03:25 AM
One theory is that the sound is improved owing to the treble and bass sections of the music being kept separate immediately after the final amplification stage in the amp , thus whatever effect the reactive components in the cables may have on the signal , there will at least be no intermodulation distortions between treble and bass as result of such .
Another theory is that as the "back-EMF" from each of the woofer and tweeter and through their respective sections of the Cross-over is different , both back-EMFs should be kept separate till they arrive at the output stage of the amplifier as from this point in the circuit the amplifier's "feedback" signal is taken . Different types of cable can be used for each section , though , other than by unlikely co-incidence , the resistances ; capacitances ; inductances of the wire in each cable will be some-what different , and , the di-electric absorbsion and dissipation factor of the insulation of each cable will be different unless both are made of the same type of plastic .
Whether you will hear any effects of such will depend in part on how long your cables are . I have been told the effect is less noticeable with speakers with simple cross-overs {ie:- 1st order type} and more noticeable as the complexity of the cross-over circuit is increased . This seems believeable as the reactive elements in the cross-overs could interact with the 5 characteristics of wire and insulation I listed above . If you already have second cables , then simply try bi-wiring and listen . Usually the cable with thicker wire is better used for the bass sections , but try whatever you have and hear for yourself . Post your listening test results here - such will be interesting to people who have differing opinions on such matters . best wishes , Chris .

11-25-2005, 06:32 AM
I see a lot more benefit from bi-amp than bi-wire. I hear very little difference bi-wiring my Legacy Focus mains from my Denon AVR-3300, but bi-amping using a Yamaha M-65 for the subs gives me more bass umph and control while freeing up power from the Denon for mid/high frequency reporduction.