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11-23-2005, 02:07 PM
I own a Denon DVD-2200, which is a great player by the way and uses the SI chip not foraudja. But I've been curious to try out an upscaling player via HDMI with my Sony 60" LCD (KDF, last years). So, I went down to CC and picked up the Sony NS70H for $140 or so. By the way, CC is such a pain in the $^#@)$)*@#$. I must have waited AT LEAST 30 min. for them to find my merchandise in the back, gees. Anyway, I refused to pay $100+ for a "PureAV" or "Monster" HDMI cable so I went by Sam's and picked up a 6' Phillips for $22. Don't sell me the BS, a digital signal sends bitstream information and it either gets there or it don't. Best $22 I ever spent. The Sony really impressed me and I could definitely see a clearer, sharper picture with more perceived detail. Colors were rich and blakc level was soo much better. Probably because it's all digital and no dig-analog-dig conversions going on. That and I have not tweaked the HDMI Input on the LCD at all. The Denon's input is probably off, I haven't really gotten to the DVE setup, just been playing with it. Anyway, all that said, I would still have to give the edge to the Denon on smoothness, and the progressive scan aspect/de-interlacing. Anyway, like I said, for $140 I was impressed. I must say I only spen about an hour or so with this player last night so there's still a lot to see. Finding Nemo and Pearl Harbor were my tests DVDs.

But, now I'm wondering if I should look at the Denon 1920 or 2910. The 2910 has impressive 10bit/216Mhz I think and an 8Mb buffer. Denon gets mixed reviews, macroblocking, etc. and I've heard negative comments on it's audio even with the Burr Brown DACs. ?? Anyone have any experience with these units.

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11-23-2005, 02:39 PM
The Denon 1910 suffers more from macroblocking than the 2910 does, but certain displays are more prone to it than others. I was wondering whether the 1920 was able to cure that evil (Denon also has another model remarkably like the 1920 [756?], except that it doesn't carry DD or DTS chips of its own).

Thanks for the preliminary report. I was curious about the new Sonys, in comparison with last year's, which looked very good through HDMI, though they had their flaws. This year's prices have dropped. The 90H model appears to be the update to the star-crossed 975V at a list price of $100 less. If it works, it's probably a keeper.

I'm about to put the brand-new 3100-ES model through its paces. It will be interesting to see whether it sends the wrong color space when upconverting, as the 975V did. All in all, however, I like the Sonys. Sony's processing does not suffer from CUE, and it avoids Faroudja's macroblocking (for which MPEG II has to take some of the credit). Sonys without the unfortunate quality-control issues of last year's 975V are very nice looking DVD players.

By the way, the Burr-Brown DACs that the 2910 carries are elevated ones, unlike the 175x series, which are the cheapest. That doesn''t mean, however, that they will automatically sound better to everyone's ears.