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11-12-2005, 08:45 AM
Dayton "Reference" Series, the "High Fidelity" design:

Have any of you guys run into these? What are your opinions?

I am still kicking around ideas for subwoofers. No need to pull the trigger now, but I will need them after the Holidays. The layout at my new place will really be set up for dual subs. There will be some built-in enclaves (???) on either side of where the audio cabinet and DLP screen will go. I can lay them out as I want, but space will be somewhat limited. I am now an planning on using my new 2-way 6.5 monitors full time (Seas / Peerless HDS), which will work well on a shelf. However, I need a sub, as they drop off rapidly at 80 Hz.

I am looking into getting a special Titanic MKIII kit from PartsExpress, switching out the Titanic driver with the Reference driver. I would go with a non-ported enclosure and may increase the damping material. Could I use full-range pre-outs on my receiver (it has them, Yamaha RXV 650) and the crossover on the subs to create stereo bass channels? I know bass is not very directional, but with music much low-end is in stereo. That is one thing I miss from my partially-retired Vandersteens. I am not so much concerned with HT effects, I am back into music now. What do you think this approach?

My primary goal is detail and accuracy, something to match the Peerless HDS mid-bass in the monitors. I am continually pleased with how good they sound. I want to go for a traditional satellite design, all the effects of a big floor-stander, but to fit my new decor. (and make the Lady happy...)