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11-11-2005, 12:53 PM
In looking at a large number of galleries (here, audiogon, stereophile, all over) i've noticed a lot of the rather ridiculously expensive two channel systems always have their components resting on the floor between the main speakers. i was guessing the main reason was the sheer mass of these amplifiers in the 100+ pound range for the giant monoblocks, so it wouldnt be practical to put them on a rack, but then also noticed other components, including turntables and pre-amps also on the ground. of course some had the turntable/preamps to one side, on a rack away from everything, with only the giant monoblocks in between the speakers (check out the wilson alexandria set up on audiogone, holy monkey that's nice). If the ideal is to eliminate vibrations to your components, wouldnt the most vibrations be felt directly from the floor itself? or at least closest to the speakers?

i hope this hasn't been discussed lately. As always, just trying to learn more and fall deaper into the knowledge of this hobby. :)