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11-11-2005, 10:25 AM
Has anybody had any experience with these? I really liked the original Omnisat system as a small audio solution and thought these could only sound better. A friend told me that Best Buy had started to carry these, so we went to check them out because I am in the market for new speakers now. It was the worst audio demo I have ever been through. The guy could barely get them to work and then wouldn't turn them up because the are placed directly in front of the Magnolia counter. I asked to hear the center channel and he couldn't figure out which receiver it was hooked to. He told me he was going to put it into 5 chnl stereo while playing a DTS demo disc!?! LOL! I asked him how much the set was and he procedes to add up the prices sitting in front of me and then comes to the reason I asked, no pricing on the sats. So he gives me a guess based on the size of the speaker which, by the way was about a $100 less than what the original Omnisat sold for!

Anyway, does anybody know what these sound like when you can actually hear them? Can you compare them to a few other speakers? Thanks.

Sorry so long.