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11-10-2005, 09:28 PM
Suggestion for equipment addition:

Belles (Power Modules, Inc.) model 20A phono stage
Mfr. Website: www.powermodules.com
Designer: David Belles
Suggested List (as of early 2003) $1200
Distribution in both US and Canada.

I've owned this unit since early 2002; it is by far the most neutral phono stage at or near its price point (and up to over $1K above that point) that I've heard; my version has 66dB of gain (have used it with Highphonics MCA6 cartridge [0.12mV output!] with no perceived noise). Now using with VDH One; very happy w/results. Deserves a place in this forum -- you might consider adding Belles 21A (current model) hybrid tube linestage as well -- if it's an improvement on the 20A all-tube linestage I presently own, it would be a world-beater at the $2500 level.