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11-08-2005, 09:23 PM
anybody heard them yet? they look pretty basic and they are an "entry level" addition. im more interested in more high end speakers they plan on releasing later. is anybody gonna take the plunge and preorder these guys?

11-09-2005, 04:51 PM
they are still in production, so i guess nobody has heard them. Interestingto hear if SVS can provide the same quality they do with the subs. here is a link.

11-09-2005, 07:25 PM
Looks like a very interesting set! Especially if it pairs those satellite speakers with a legitimate subwoofer that can extend below 25 Hz.

Compared to other 5.1 speaker packages, SVS is taking an unconventional approach by using regular sized bookshelf speakers and going with a sealed acoustic suspension design and a silk dome tweeter. Most other 5.1 speaker packages in this price range use smaller speaker cabinets and drivers, go with a ported cabinet to boost the efficiency and bass output, and use a metal dome tweeter.

Looking at the design of the speakers, it's very reminiscent of the old Boston Acoustics A-series, particularly the A40 (a pair of which I still own) and A60 models, because it features a 5.5" polypro driver and a 1" silk dome tweeter with similar cabinet dimensions to the A60. The acoustic suspension design alone will set it apart from competing 5.1 packages, and I don't know of any other 5.1 packages that use soft dome tweeters either. If it sounds anything like the Boston A-series, this will be a very formidable speaker package in this price range.

By going with the larger bookshelf speakers, SVS is trying to eliminate the huge gap between where the main speakers leave off and where the subwoofer picks up that's typical of most 5.1 home theater packages in this price range. Even the frequently recommended Energy Take system still have a sizable frequency gap because those satellite units don't extend below about 120 Hz (and let's not even mention the gigantic frequency gap that Bose designs into their more expensive Acoustimass systems). Obviously not as decor-friendly as other 5.1 packages because of the larger cabinet size, but I've not seen any 5.1 package in this price range include satellite units that extend below 70 Hz. The acoustic suspension design also means that the rolloff at the low end will be more gradual, which would work very well with a typical receiver/processor bass management crossover setting of 80 Hz.

I would not typically recommend buying anything sight unseen, but this looks like a very intriguing package that SVS has put together.