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11-08-2005, 07:46 PM
I need recommendations on how to connect these to my Marantz SR 8300 reciever. The 40's sound great but I am having problems blending the servo 15 V.2 with the 40's, which are being used as my fronts. I know this is a kickass sub but I am having trouble finding the beast! Any help would be appreciated!


11-08-2005, 07:59 PM
Set all of the speaker outputs to "SMALL" and connect the subwoofer output from the receiver to the line level input on the subwoofer. At this point, you need to properly position the subwoofer. The corner will give you the maximum reinforcement, while other locations in the room might give you something more balanced. The rule of thumb procedure for properly placing the subwoofer is to put the subwoofer at your listening position, play a test signal through it, and then get on all fours and crawl around the room until you find a spot where the bass sounds most even. That spot is where you would ideally place the subwoofer.

Next thing you need to do is set the levels correctly, and for that you should use a SPL meter. You receiver can run a test signal into the subwoofer, and you need to match the level on the subwoofer with the test tone reading through the main speakers (a lot of us like to keep the subwoofer level about 4-8 db higher than the mains because of how human hearing is less sensitive in the low frequencies). Once you do that, then your system should better integrate with the main speakers.

Also, keep in mind that room acoustics might make your subwoofer sound overly boomy,and a boomy subwoofer does not integrate properly with the main speakers. The only way to control that is through careful placement, room treatments, or equalization. Plenty of previous threads on this board about subwoofer equalization if you want to search for them. Look for keywords Behringer Feedback Destroyer, and that will pull up several useful threads.

11-09-2005, 04:41 AM
I have the studio 40s with paradigm's budget sub, the pdr10. I have my mains set to large and I have the (yamaha) reciever sending LF information to both the mains and the sub (not sure if this is an option on the marantz or not). I have the sub's crossover set rather low (don't remember exactly where right now). I'm not sure what controls the servo15v2 has on the amp, but if you like a flat system, you'll want to use an spl meter to find the best upper freq limit and sub volume.

I have my system set up so the sub only comes through when abolutely necessary. Obviously the studio40s sound a little better than what the pdr10 can do, and I'd like to hear as much of the 40s as possible. You may have other ambitions with the servo15.

I should probably mention that I also used an spl meter and room treatments when setting up my system. If your room is anything like mine (an acoustic nightmare) it can take awhile to get things to your liking (esp with a sub involved), and from there the never-ending tweaking stage begins!