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11-07-2005, 07:07 PM
Hi all , i have never owned a projection tv b4 just a reg tube style ect. i did some work for a friend and for payment he gave me his older Sony KP-46S17 46" rear projection tv.
form 1997
it does work fine and now that i have seen the big picture of things , i am looking to buy a new tv in 4 months. i have a few questions .,
i am looking at buying either a reg rear projection tv or a dlp

i am straped a bit as far as cash goes at most i will i will be able to spend is $1700 or so canadian
#1 while the picture on this sony is descent if i go with anotehr reg prohection tv will it be alot clearer ?

#2 is there a huge differance between dlp and regular projection ?
#3 better to buy a no name dlp or a good brand name rear projection ?

i know dlp is a bit more scostlly and i am not sure if its for me or not , i watch occasinal tv but mostlly movies.


Back to the sony here for a few . when i turn this tv on , the screen flashes i looked in the back to see what it was doing and the red bulb is on solid and the green and blue flash in sequence for about 1 min , after that all is fine.

anyoen know if this maybe a simple fix , being the tv is 7 yrs old not sure i want to spend any cash on it , only to sell it in 4 moths.
i called a shop he thoguht the 2 tubs were weak and he said he could refill them or somehting , cost $80 bux
any ideas ?

thank you all fort any / all comments hope to hear back from you all soon..


11-08-2005, 07:24 AM
Cathodes wear out, and phosphors lose their luster on CRTs over time. Who knows how your nearly ten-year-old Sony was treated? If you can afford to, dump it. A new HD-capable TV, especially a microdisplay like DLP, will be considerably brighter than the old horse that you seem to be describing. On a level playing field, assuming good setup and calibration, a CRT generally has more accurate and subtle colors and deeper black levels than any subsequent technology. But in your case, I would bet that the DLP wins hands-down. In fact, with DVD and HD material, it should look sharp and vivid beyond your wildest dreams. People coming from CRT often see fixed-pixel displays as sharper than CRTs, even when the resolutions are the same.

What's a no-name DLP?

11-08-2005, 09:36 AM
ok so going from my rear projection to anoter rear projectin i would see a big differance , but far as dlp goes , probabbly the best bet if i can swing it,

if anyone has any info about the flashing lights please let me know thanks

11-08-2005, 12:07 PM
You seemed to have your heart set on a DLP, but it's not necessarily your best bet. In general, I'd say that Sony's SXRD or JVC's DiLA would be worth checking out if fixed pixels are your cup of tea, but they, especially the Sony, may be too expensive. LCD sets have become much better as well. But a new CRT rear projection set would be more cost effective than anything else that I have mentioned so far, and the picture quality, all things being equal, should be unsurpassed. I should have said so before. If you have a strict budget, CRT RPTV would seem to be your best bet, though size, weight, and the need to make periodic adjustments in alignment are the drawbacks.

So far as what might be wrong with Sony is concerned, if you notice faded colors and a fuzzy picture, the center spots on the cathodes might have worn away and they're now relying on the periphery. Other than that, it's hard to tell. Certain tube fixes are possible, but the set may be living on borrowed time. If it's worth it for you to spend a little money to get at least a temporary fix at this point or to find out that you need to buy a new set, more power to you. But the Sony is an old war horse, and the unprecendented low CRT prices make this a good time to buy. Before you know it, this technology will be gone for good from the mainstream, if not everywhere.

11-08-2005, 01:18 PM
great that relaly helped alot , i'm buying in 4 months my main idea is to go with a rptv and at the time if i cna swing it i'll go dlp , as foro the sony i feel the same way living on borrow time, well put. if it makes it 4 months i;m happy , only paid say 100 bux for it and by doing this it allowed me to sell 1 my yr old 36" tube , so it all worked out well .

indeed dlp seems right but with getting extended warrenty (a thing i have never ever done on anything) but i think i will on this purchas it will up the cost a bit as well , so yes my main interest at this time is a RPtv have to see when time comes know knows might be ablle to savbe a bit between now n then to get my dlp if nto the rp will be great , either way i will have a great outcome compared to this sony .

funny thing is i always hated the projection tvs , till i have actully had a chance to sit relax and watch a movie on it even tho its old fuzzy and on its last breath , its still great to watch .. i thknk you for all your input andit has helped me out greatlly


11-08-2005, 01:54 PM
on a quick side nto , would reccomend an lcd over rear projection for me ? i am not worried about space at all , i never concirded an lcd b4 but taking a poeek at them there along same price as the rptvs , i been hearing they only last so many yrs , tho i havent researched lcd tvs much at all.

11-08-2005, 02:03 PM
LCDs, like DLPs, can be rear projection sets, too. Unlike DLPs, they also come as flat-panel direct- view displays, which are more expensive than the RPTV versions. LCDs have a distinct advantage over DLPs. As three-chip designs, they avoid the color wheel that sometimes gives DLP viewers headaches and/or leaves rainbow trails around the edges of certain images. I'm also not sold on the HD4 DLP chip, which achieves its resolutions by "wobulating" a half-size pixel count. This is not to say that DLPs can't look terrific; they can, even better than many similarly priced LCDs, but you have to make that call yourself. The HD2+ Dark Chip so far is the bomb.

11-08-2005, 02:35 PM
ty agian for all your info been a great help