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10-30-2005, 08:19 PM
what gives these days??
i have a sony 55'' lcd proj (1366x768p) and i'm perfectly happy. Now when i go to BB or wherever, i see all the new tvs out and im wandering what is up and if anything is a real improvement. I liked the lcd over dlp when i got my TV <1 yr ago. both had 720-768p.
Now there are 1080p DLPs and Lcos.

what advantage do these have over 720p (if any)? is there now, or will be anytime soon a 1080p signal from hdtv or hdDVD? or is this all just higher numbers to try to sell something for more cash?? I'm so lost these days...

10-31-2005, 05:34 AM
what gives these days??
i have a sony 55'' lcd proj (1366x768p) and i'm perfectly happy. ...

On a 55" monitor, you are not going to see much (if any?) difference with HD signals (720p & 1080i), so stay "perfectly happy". Now, if you ever get a larger monitor (>100"), you will definately want to look at getting a monitor capable of reproducing 1080i. As for 1080p, it will definately be an emerging technology, but a 1080i set will be capable of reproducing 1080p, with the only consideration being that the monitor having input compatability.

Hope this helps.....

10-31-2005, 06:25 AM

I'm a little pressed for time, and a little lazy. See my response to the thread "When To Buy 60 inch DLP/LCos TV?" which deals with your some of the issues involved in your question.


10-31-2005, 07:40 PM
Hi Ed,

No one would call you lazy. Your post was spot on. There's also the concept of marginal returns. That is the proportional wow factor in which each extra dollar spent yields a certain incremental benefit. Until 1080p content gets out there for the little people like myself, the wow is keeping the money for allocation elsewhere in my HT.

No matter the level of extensive research, we are all prone to the speed at which technology makes our latest purchases seem, like yesterday's hot item. I have the Sony 60 inch RP LCD and I just saw Sony's new 60 inch SXRD at the Sony store. Nice, but the colors were very exaggerated - even for Sony. Nothing a little calibration DVD couldn't fix though. What's my point? Oh, sorry. But please stay "perfectly happy" because I'm sure your picture quality is still the rave from your friends. Extra points in life for bragging rights, as long as you don't become a jerk about it. Enjoy what you have and don't sweat the latest and greatest out there.

10-31-2005, 07:50 PM
thanks for the info. I am super happy with what i have. It is cool to be the one everybody wants to see for football and movies. My post was for educational reasons. i like to be able to help people when they see what i have, but they know there is newer stuff out. its nice to be able to compare. thanks for the posts ed, lots of good info there.