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10-27-2005, 12:47 PM
Can somebody explain to somebody who is about to attempt a speaker repair for the first time how to tell what is wrong with a mid-range driver in a 3-way speaker? What should I do to tell whether it's the actual speaker cone or the wiring or cross-over which is at fault please? I have looked all over the Internet for advice to no avail. Failing that can anyone recommend a beginner's easy to understand book which would take me through from the beginning. The fault by the way is a sort of fuzziness at higher volumes, I have swopped speaker cables around and it's still the same speaker so it's not my amp or cd player or anything. Thanks in anticipation. The speakers in question are vintage Celestion Ditton 66s, I know I will have to probably wait a long time to find the replacement part required but these speakers are so amazing I won't give up on them. Failing that can anyone recommend a speaker repair Docter in Berks or Oxon (United Kingdom) please.

10-28-2005, 07:16 AM
i wouldn't consider myself an expert when it comes to speaker repair but here are my first very basic troubleshooting steps:
1.Give a soft press on each individual cone, they should have a spring to them-if not they are blown.
2. Check them over in detail to look for any small tears or holes, this is common in old speakers- the solution is a re-cone.
3. Give a close-up listen to each individual driver and tweeter, this should isolate which one is the source of your distortion.
You will probably need to replace a driver if not a re-cone, this is farily cheap to get done by a pro, around here it is about $80 Canadian plus replacement parts. You may be stuck replacing it with a new one, vintage anything is hard to come by.