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10-13-2005, 03:03 PM
After many years, I decided to drag out the old stereo and spin some vinyl.
Everything was looking good till I pulled the covers off my old L50 JBL speakers
ooohh. I sent the woofers off to get reconed but when I recieved them back one of them
had the magnet lying in the box,not good. Now I am told it will need to be replaced.
I am considering buying some new speakers and really have no idea anymore who
has the best bang for the buck.

10-13-2005, 06:48 PM
i would get the company who fixed them to repair the drivers. where did you send them to? i know there arent too many companys that can do maginet repairs because the equipment is very limited. i cant even think about another shop in the north east that has one other than the one i work for. where are you from and maybe i can help direct you to someone that can do the work for you. those are a great classic speaker and it would be a shame to see them go to waste. A lot of people here will probably say otherwise and to buy some speaker that used new technologies, but as a die hard classic JBL guy I have to say that those are worth getting fixed

10-13-2005, 07:11 PM
I sent the speaker back and they are trying to find me relacement. I am also a die hard JBL fan. Hey maybe JBL will honor my lifetime warranty. They actually recomended
the repair facility and I think I will wait to see how it pans out before mentioning the name.
I purchased the speakers when i was 16 and that was a whole bucket of money back than.
I find it ironic back then I drove them with a HK reciever. I am definetely going to repair them they are truly pristine in every other way.

Thinking about buying some new speakers for now maybe something I can use as a rear
down the road ,I used AR 18 speakers before but my brother stole them years ago.

10-14-2005, 08:00 PM
Just bought some JBL L46 speakers that look to be very nice on E-Bay for $240.00
shipped, that should suffice until my mains are repaired and will be a nice compliment when I use them together..

10-15-2005, 03:44 AM
You should go all retro with matching power amps too! That would be really cool, thats what i wanted to do. All Apogee and Krell, unfortunatly i didnt like the old Krells enough to keep them and the new ones dont sound good to my ears.

Anyways, keep us uptodate.


10-15-2005, 04:54 AM
We just moved into a much larger house and finally have some room. Already have a modern theatre
system so we decided to make the upstairs living room a place people would be comfortable to hang out ,read a book or listen to some tunes.Both of us worked for a record distributer for years ,actually that is where we met 25 years ago,so we have tons of old music memorbilia and vinyl.

I am going to drive the system with a Pioneer SX950 reciever, and spin the vinyl with a Technics
SL-1900 table. I have not decided on a cartridge yet and that really is the key.

10-20-2005, 11:12 PM
Four years ago I got back into audio after maybe 25 years. I became firmly addicted after I bought a used pair of Vandersteen 2ci 's for about $400 that were at least 10 years old. But the sound was there, Big, bold, deep. I have moved on since and have had several pair of speakers here but will always remember when I first plugged the Vandersteens in..Wow. They have been in buisness for a long, long time and offer quite alot for the $$$ spent.
( Audiogon is a great place to get used stuff).
have fun and don't quit.

10-22-2005, 05:51 AM
Well we got it all hooked up last night and poured a glass of wine, put on some Moody Blues turned
the light down low. It was great I remember now why I bought JBL speakers they really fit my taste
on how I want it to sound. My wife kept turning it up and the old pioneer was more than happy to supply the power. The only weakness was the cartridge that is my next purchase the table has a
basic A/T and it is a little bright for my taste. not really sure what to buy ,seems that years ago I was
using Pickering 3000 series ,but my memory has faded a little.