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10-11-2005, 06:49 PM
The music in the Kill Bill movies is more than mildly intriguing, can anyone tell me some more about them? Worth buying? Decent recordings/sound, etc???


10-11-2005, 09:06 PM
A couple of the songs chosen have made their way onto television commercials & similar bites. One is Battle Without Honor Or Humility by Tomoyasu Hotei, the other a cover of the old garage rock tune Woo Hoo by the, who are in the first movie. I looked up Hotei & he was in a 90s lineup of Asia?!? The are like a garagey version of Shonen Knife, I've always thought.

Some of the selections on these are just out there. Anything with Charlie Feathers on it is going to make me take a second look, & he's on both. Nancy Sinatra doing Bang Bang? Ever hear her father's version? One of the worst things I ever heard him do, so bad it was almost comical. RZA, Al Hirt, & NEU! on the same album? Pretty interesting choices. On the second one, there are a couple of Ennio Morricone songs, Johnny Cash, and a Malcolm McLaren tune that samples the Zombie's She's Not There. Would I spend money on either? Probably not, but they're both interesting enough for me to at least consider it.

Dusty Chalk
10-11-2005, 09:09 PM
They definitely work better in the movie soundtrack.

A lot of the material is recycled from classic movies -- the music is, too. The man has excellent taste.

But I love that theme that's in the trailer. Can listen to that one over and over again. I am sure he will do a special set of the two together (at least, I would hope so). I'm waiting for that to come out, then I'll get.

10-12-2005, 12:46 AM
I remember renting the first one, and at the very beginning is a short that you'd see in the theater saying something like 'the popcorn counter is now open' or something like that. Animated, bright colors, that sort of thing. Looks like it's from the late 60s & has the requisite dated film-damage thing going on, whatever you'd call that. The music playing during that, was a theme I'd heard before but never knew what it was, a funky pop instrumental thing. I have a videotape of Beck's performance on Sessions On West 54th from late 1997, the last show of the Odelay tour which was more than a year long. The band opened up with that theme & Beck, dressed in a white suit, does a James Brown-style entrance. Pretty amazing, it's a better watch than what I'm describing, I think. You've got to roll with quite a bit of Tarantino's sensibilities towards the forms he works with in these movies. I didn't love either one, but both are really interesting, definitely worth seeing unless you loathe Kung-Fu & violence in general. But the music from the soundtracks is best cherry-picked.

10-12-2005, 02:00 PM
Yeah seems like this is quite a range of material on these soundtracks, guess I'm gonna give 'em a whirl.

Thanks much!