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10-10-2005, 05:32 PM
Internet Radio: SONO digital media player
SONO, a digital audio player with universal tuner is the first portable stereo system that gives access to Internet radio stations, plays mp3's and CD's along with FM broadcasts. Plugging in the base Unit to a PC's USB port automatically starts installation of the default Windows HID, USB Audio and USB Composite Device drivers. The SONO DMP software driver works in conjunction with all standard Windows device drivers and provides the needed data interface between the DMP Application and the Remote Device through the USB Unit.
*Unique features of the product: *
- Digital wireless technology to connect PC and stereo
- Access all the online radio channels at any chosen place; be it living room, bedroom, kitchen or even garden
- Don't need a PC in the room to enjoy web radio
- Plays MP3's and CDs along with FM broadcasts on your PC through the stereo (SONO-Digital Media Player)