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10-10-2005, 05:05 PM
TA's Ultra-Subwoofer


As our work on the ribbon developments gave us the opportunity to utilize the true ribbons even further down in the bass, it showed that in order to match the speed and transparency of the ribbons, a new concept for bass frequencies from 15Hz and up to about 50Hz had to be developed.

The result is an enclosure-less dipole construction. Bolted to the 50 mm (2") thich baffle is 10 subwoofer elements, 15" each in diameter, with a displacement (Xmax) of 65mm (both ways) for each element.

Each woofer can handle a peak power of 1500W at 16Hz, allowing for 15,000 Watts for the system when used as a single center woofer and twice that figure in a 2-channel setup.

These sub woofers are built to the highest standard possible from machined aluminum with their own electronic crossovers and power amplifiers.

The huge radiating surface gives a tremendous coupling to the air. Countrary to all conventional sub woofer systems, Transmission Audio's Ultra Sub, (thanks to the tremendous radiating surface) has NO compression at all, leading to a speed and dynamics so far unheard of.

With a total weight of 500Kg (1,000lbs) per unit, these woofers are garuanteed to set a whole room into good vibrations (regardless of size), be it rock or organ music.

To special order, TA's Ultra Sub can be made from 60mm sound dampened multilayer glass with built in blue LED's to enhance the monolithic impact.


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