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10-07-2005, 06:08 AM
Saw an advance screening of this wed night. dont want to give too much away, not that there's anything to give away, but just a solid, well made movie. verrrrrrrry short i thought at 90 minutes, and felt it. the pacing was just ever so slightly off as the ending came rather abruptly. Told in a very newsy/very pulled back pov style, in that there wasnt a huge side taken in the pov. it does lean, obviously, towards murrow, but the 'vindication' of murrow is almost understated when mccarthy is going down. the little (yet huge) victories won by murrow and friendly's side were very understated. it was almost like it really wasnt that big a deal at all for them to defeat mccarthy when pretty much their very lives depended on it.

overall, very well done i thought. and mccarthy playing mccarthy was brilliant. the early test screenings came back with people saying that 'the actor playing mccarthy was really overacting' when it was only the actual footage of mccarthy all along.

david strathairn is phenomenal. he did an amazing job. definitely reccomend seeing it, but it is a highly dramatic political movie. if that's not your bag, might be a little dull. personally i am fascinated and have done a lot of research about this unfortunate time frame in american history so i was totally enthralled by it... but i'm weird like that.