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10-04-2005, 07:51 AM
I'm looking for speakers to replace my very old Intimate Systems Desktops (this is a very old small, cube-like sub/sat system from the early 80s). Let me explain the speaker placement, each main speaker on the corner of my desk (5 foot wide), the desk is out in the middle of the room so the rear wall is 2 feet from the left speaker and the right speaker has no wall to it's rear since it's in the opening of the room. The left side wall is 2 feet away, the right is 5 feet away. I use these speakers for stereo music only and they run off an older Yamaha stereo recvr and a Marantz CD-63SE player. My computer us also an input to the recvr but I rarely use it for listening. I don't have to have a sub if the mains can play down to 50-60hz but I can easily fit a sub in the space. So what speakers would give me the best (audiophile, accurate) sound using the strange desk placement I've mentioned. Please don't suggest any other placement options, I have to use this placement or not have speakers in this room at all (WAF).