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09-24-2005, 02:16 PM
Last night I went to the Hollywood Bowl for the AFI concert of the 25 best film scores chosen from a list of the top 250. Here's the link for each score represented in the concert:

Needless to say, the concert was awesome (apart from inconsiderate patron behavior). It's really fantastic to hear familiar music scores live. Among my personal favorites of the night were scores from The Godfather, Star Wars, Pink Panther, King Kong, High Noon, and E.T. I was disappointed that Schindler's List and Raiders were not chosen. I'll have to go to the John William concert next time. It was also disappointing that the E.T. was not played longer during the concert. All the scores during the concert varied in length and most were accompanied by a scene or montage. I really liked the Planet of the Apes selection, but as my date noted, it works best with the scene (where the astronauts discover the scarecrows, vegetation, pool, and the humans) than it does as a stand alone piece. Anyway, if you ever get the opportunity to attend a concert of live film scores, I highly recommend it.