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09-22-2005, 10:58 AM
Just picked up a Rega CD (Planet) and a Nitty Gritty 2.5 Fi both used of course (for those that know me that was a given! ;)

I did fairly well on the Planet price and I did REALLY well on the NGritty...the Rega sounds pretty good but I'd say only a slight difference from my be honest I was hoping for a bit more...but shes built like a tank and I'm sure she'll keep me happy for at least a coule years...

As for the NGritty...I LOVE IT!!! shes the 2.5 so shes fully automatic (single side) and shes just fun to mess wiff!!..and I'll tell ya, shes works very very fact my close friend has a brandy-new VPI 16.5 and we've been kinda swapin' war here my HO as it related to the two...

because the VPI is a manual cleaning type I think it can get deeper cleaning done...the cost is more effort and the brush seems a bit tough on the LP but he assured me it's designed to give the LP a good I guess thats all cool....on the flip side the NGritty is way more fun...and wiff a couple of flips of a switch it's I'd say if your LP are generally in good shape the NGritty is the way to go...OTOH if your into really cleaning fairly beat up thrift specials the 16.5 might be the way to go...I do have loads of thrifty LP's...but I'm a picky-thrifty if she's not vg+...I'm passing (except on rare items)

ok thats me story...BTW I've got a Parasound CD w/remote for sale...if your hunting let me know

Peace, Pogue

(Edit- I used to spell much better when I drank

Peace-out, Pogue

09-22-2005, 11:11 AM
Congrats Pogue! Fun stuff, enjoy your new toys!

Jim Clark
09-22-2005, 12:34 PM
Awesome but to really impress me, I need dollar amounts and if there's a story associated with the purchase, that would be good too. Thought about the Rega seriously but the clam shell load won't work for me, other than that I was all set to go hunting. I don't do vinyl, but if I did, I"m sure they'd all be dirty enough to warrant a good cleaning.

Have fun.

09-22-2005, 12:54 PM
no really great story to go wiff...the both gotten from local audio-nut-friends...

the Rega I got for 350 it was pretty much minty...owned by a Doctor that upgraded and played lightly and tehn sold to my buddy whos a dealer...sat in a bedroom system for awhile thento my grubby lil hands...

the NGriddy is an older 2.5Fi model but in super shape (how much wear does a cleaner really get? first I'm sure they get used alot...but I'm sure that tapers off quickly) It came from the "Brick and Mortar" I hang out at which started it's life as a store demo...into a salesman hands..tehn to a friend (who cleaned maybe 5 LP's) and once again into my grubby lil hands...for 2 bills...really neat find!

Nice seein ya JC!!

Peace, Pogue