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09-14-2005, 06:33 AM
So i'm finally gonna take the plunge and get propper speakers. This morning i went auditioning and i listened to various second-hand options (hey i'm a poor student mmmmkay?). Some Kefs, Monitor Audios, operas AAAAAND a pair of platinum audio solos.
Now the Platinums originally retailed for around 2500, but they are being sold for 500 because they were dropped and the laquer is damaged.
the sound is TO DIE FOR but it turns out that the forceful landing didnt only harm the outside.
When there is an UNNATURALLY deep and loud bass note (as in techno or the heartbeat at the beginning of DSOTM) at loud levels you can hear the voicecoil scraping against the magnet. Aside from that, the sound is amazing.
So i was told by the shop that they'll have to check with the original owner whether he wants to drop the price any further, keep'em or pay for the repair. The problem is that Platinum is now out of business, so we can't send them back to them for repair.
I absolutely NEED to know what kind of driver these speakers use, so that i can find out if its possible to repair them and how much it'll cost etc.
and feedback hugely appreciated.

02-08-2007, 11:09 AM
call phil Jones at AAD 314-814-4660. He designed the Solo's.
I purchased a woofer from him for my Solo which I blew. He runs AAD now.