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08-29-2005, 06:02 AM
caught up on some movies this weekend, here's the breakdown without any spoilers.

40 Year Old Virgin: Hysterical. Steve Carrell is awesome as the lead. The whole theater was bursting out in laughter quite a few times. great comedy with a heart and every kind of joke you can imagine. highly reccomended. i usually dont reccomend comedies in the theater, as expensive as movie tickets are becoming (10.75 in nyc), i generally only like to go to a movie that benefits from being seen on the big screen (ala batman, war of the worlds, etc.). BUT, you definitely get your money's worth from this one in pure enjoyment.

The Cave: So bad it was good. And it was bad. Very bad. Like horribly bad. Like lucas-level of dialogue bad. Unbelievably cliches. NOT an action movie because you can't see the action. The action sequences are choppy, cant tell what's going on, poorly shot, and can barely see anything (then again, they are in a cave). More of a thriller if you can even call it that. Maybe it was just bad. But i still kinda enjoyed it. IF you see it, KNOW it is a piece of crap. Total crap. But..... So bad it's good. BUT, not in the tremor's category of knowing its so bad its good, i think they were trying to be serious in this movie, which might just make it so bad its bad. either way, it's either crap you'll enjoy or crap to avoid. prolly worth a rental, nothing great in the spfx or sound of it either, although the underwater photography is phenomenal.

Brother's Grimm: This was just missing something. Very dissapointed as i had some expectations going into it with gilliam being a favortie director of mine. read one blurb on rotten tomatoes that captured it perfect: It looks like a gilliam movie, sounds like a gilliam movie, moves like a gilliam movie, but doesn't have the soul of a gilliam movie. And i thought the roles should have been reversed with the two brothers. i'd skip it and wait for the rental. Although Monica Belucci is ravishing as always, even as a corpse.


08-30-2005, 12:42 PM
I really appreciate you "taking point" on so many recent releases. I trust your opinions as I trust my own. Thanks again and get to work on "Kung Fu Hustle Part Deux".

Da Worfster :D