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08-26-2005, 08:23 PM
Hi all. I've recently built the BR-1 kit from PE and would like some feedback on the rest of the kits PE sells. Particularly the Dayton Euro kit. I want a BR-1 with tighter bass, a more forward midrange, and a more extended treble. If you're listening Kexodusc I'd appreciate your input I'm pretty sure you have heard this speaker. I love the act of building the speakers and knowing that I built them especially if they sound very good. The euro speaker claims a maximum swing +/- 1.5db from 100hz to 16khz. None of the other kits go to that length to describe the speakers freq. response. I'm looking for an even sounding speaker that has tight and powerful bass even though it can't reach that low, 45hz is plenty for me, and a speaker that has an extended treble that is neither smooth nor edgy, one that simply plays the recording. And the midrange..... the hardest part. If its just a smidgen laid back I'm in heaven. Too close in the mix I'm running from the room. Thanks for any info anyone has to offer!! And RGA please no advertising for Audio Note it's getting quite old ;)

08-26-2005, 10:42 PM
I like their dayton subwoofer kits, i still have to get one but looks like a good deal, parts express rules they have everything. Not sure about their other speaker kits. The dayton 2 way is a good deal at 140$.

08-27-2005, 04:14 AM
I haven't heard the Euro kit myself, from what I've been told by some who've buit them all is that it's a great sounding speaker. Probably the most underrated one they sell. Not necessarily the best, but definitely the most underrated. The Euro drives are excellent.

Hard to pick out a best kit, each is made to appeal to a slightly different sound preference and application. The Parts Express kits have reasonably accurate descriptions of what to expect.

I'm very familiar with the 6-1/2" Peerless driver in the Peerless/Morel kit having used it in 2 designs. Morel makes excellent tweeters. This kit would probably be a just a shade beneath the Ar.com kit at Madisound. Some might like it more. Might be a good option as well.

If you really want an excellent sounding speaker, take a look at Dr. K's MTM's under the Project Showcase under the Tech Talk forums... All the info you need is in there, even a tool to add all parts to your on-line order. This speaker is far superior to any kits PE sells. It's also a bit more money.

The problem with kits is they sometimes sacrifice a bit of performance in exchange for simplicity. And there's only so many, the best designs I've seen and heard aren't sold in "kit" form (though you can pretty much buy them as such). Basically you need to solder the crossovers, that's the only difference.. Kits will smoke any similar priced commercial speaker, but sooner or later you'll want to tackle a more complex design. Lots of good ones in the Project Showcase.