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08-10-2005, 12:45 PM
I was randomly thinking about stuff today, and came up with an idea and wondered if it has been tried before.

Let's say you preferred to use bookshelf speakers for some reason, but still wanted great bass performance..... could you connect your receiver to the high level inputs of a subwoofer and then connect the sattelites to those? You're probably thinking about how common this is, but what i mean is... that you would connect one subwoofer for each of the stereo speakers in the front, or maybe for all 3 speakers in the front, and have an independent subwoofer handle the bass in each channel, and then also have a separate subwoofer for LFE.

Of course this might very cost effective, but im curious what you all think about this idea.

08-10-2005, 07:24 PM
Let's say you get 4 subs that are mediocre to good to have any resemblance of what you call good bass. Thats would range in Canada approx. $2400. Better to go with 1 killer sub for that price or 2 better than average subs. Add the cost of two decent bookshelves and a center and where getting up to around $3500+ cdn. I think it's workable and would be a pretty decent system. But you could go with floorstanders that take up just as much space and be as good or better sounding for less money.
With this setup you are going to have more bass than your're ever likely to use, unless of coarse your listen to rap or have a large room to fill. I have floorstanders and a sub, and the floorstanders can go as low as the sub. If I set the low freq. output to both sub and mains I have way too much bass for my liking. For a while I had just the mains pumping out the lows which was okay, evenutally I got tired of too much dominate bass and now just use my one sub which is enough.