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08-07-2005, 10:10 PM
I'm looking to buy a sub for HT use in a medium-sized room. It is more important for the sub to go as low as possible at moderate dB levels-- so that I can really feel it -- rather than reach stupid-high SPL levels.

All three of them are relatively new and I know next to nothing about them. There are no published tests done on these subs, and only a couple of consumer reviews on forums like this one. All of them are web/mail order, so auditioning them ahead of time is impossible. Here's what I do know.

1. The Cadence XSUB has a 350 RMS class AB amp and is front firing. It weighs 49 pounds (the driver has a 70 oz. magnet) and is rated down to 25 Hz. Standard cosmetics. This company is apparently well established in the car audio world. About $250 delivered.

2. The Acoustech H100 has a 150 watt RMS/500 watt max BASH amp and is front firing. It weighs in at 42 pounds and is rated down to 24 Hz (+/- 3dB). It is pretty. Dr. Hsu helped design it and it is the same amp used in Hsu Research's bottom of the line 8" sub. Several positive reviews on this site, but it's tough to know what the reference point of the reviewers were. Less than $270 delivered.

3. The Dayton 12" from is downfiring and has a 150 watt RMS amp. It weighs 40 pounds and is rated down to 24 Hz. Again, a couple folks here said only that it sounded good, but no details were provided. It is homely and costs about $140 plus delivery.

From the specs, I'd expect the Cadence to be the best of the bunch, but specs never tell the whole story. If I knew that the Dayton was in the same league as the other two, I'd get it due to the price difference. But if either the Acoutech or Cadence sounded even just slightly better than the Dayton, I wouldn't mind spending the extra $100.

I'm trying to get as much information as possible before I pull the trigger. I hope you can help me.

12-22-2005, 11:19 PM
You have probably already purchased a sub, but I thought I would respond to your post regardless. I have two of the Cadence subwoofers - I think they are a fantastic value! I cannot comment on the Dayton or the BIC sub you refer to in your post. You seem concerned about low extension. None of these subs will plum the 20hz region with absolute authority. They may touch it, but in the under $300.00 dollar class-I think the 25hz region is doable. I know the Cadence does it - and it does so big time! I own both the XLNS sub and the Xsub - both offer tight accurate bass at a price that I think is very reasonable. I have measured both at 25hz with an output at about 105db - My goodness that's plenty loud enough for me! The truth is that $250.00 bucks buys you good solid bass. Are any of these a Hsu or SVS sub - no. But let's be honest - both of those brands command higher dollar amounts! If you've got the coin, go for it! However, if you don't, but still want a quality sub - Cadence offers a great sub for very little money. Hope this helps.

12-23-2005, 04:42 AM
I know the Dayton will have no trouble hitting 24 Hz and can really deliver a punch. The woofer is pretty efficient as far as inexpensive subs go, hence requires a lot less power to produce output.

Haven't heard the others, but I'd trust the Dayton to be comparable. It is ugly though.

12-23-2005, 08:21 AM
I would skip the Dayton for now since it is being replaced with a new front firing model. Looks much nicer as well. Should go as deep and the price is around 120 or so.

12-23-2005, 08:34 AM
I would skip the Dayton for now since it is being replaced with a new front firing model. Looks much nicer as well. Should go as deep and the price is around 120 or so.

There's a bonus. Don't ever underestimate the importance of looks. I've made that mistake before. Or keep an eye out to see if the old model gets heavily discounted?

12-23-2005, 12:44 PM
Go with a dayton. If you looking to keep it on a budget and buy from a more reputable maker your going to spend a lot just on the name. I can promise you the driver in the dayton is superior to the Cadence and Acoustech.

12-29-2005, 05:17 PM
I'm new to HT more of a car audio nut up to now. But Cadence and Dayton are held pretty high in the car audio world.

Have you checked out yet, if not do so. They have some great HT subs so I have heard. I have 2 of the Brahma 12's in my truck and they are the best cleanest most detalied sounding subs I have ever owned, oh and they will hit 10 htz so says my body and and truck trying to tear itself apart with my test tone cd.

Of your choices I would have to to go with the Cadence just for the rep I know of them.

But again try Adire my my subs in my car have the sound you are looking for. They have the ability to get insanely loud but it is more felt than heard. They are rather transparent AWESOME sounding subs. They don't really get as loud to the ears as some other setups I have had but you know they are there a lot more. Hell they make my door skins shudder at 500 of the possible 1500 watts possible. My alterantor can't take the 1ohm 1500 watts so I have to run them at 4ohm 500 watts for now.

Just unveleivable! :D