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Roll Tide
08-04-2005, 07:40 AM
I'm new to the Home Theater experience and need some expert opinions. I'm trying to decide if i need to get rid of the equipment i've had for a few years and get some more modern pieces. I've got a Pioneer DST receiver (65w) i have DCM Timeframe speakers up front that i've had for 13 years, Polk center channel, Yamaha subwoofer (only 100W) and am needing rear speakers.

My wife wants my back speakers to be very small and hardly noticeable. The room this will be in is about 10x15 and is an open great room that's got a 20-foot ceiling.

I've read a number of people say don't waste my money on surround speaker systems from Best Buy or Circuit City. In reading various pages, i've found a few systems that fit my budget, around $500-700, and are reputable. I'm not an enthusiast so i have no idea which system would be better and i'm not sure if anyone my city carries these brands.

Here are a few systems i thought about
Definitive Technology Procinema 60
Jamo A310 PDD
Wharfdale surround
Orb audio (look pretty neat)

Any other ideas? i know everyone has their own opinion, but I'd just like to hear from you experts what you think would be a smart decision.


08-04-2005, 01:37 PM
How do you like how your current system sounds? If you like it, then keep it.

#1: Your reciever must be able to decode Dolby Digital, if it doesn't, replace it.

#2: I would spend what your talking about on a good subwoofer. You would be amazed
at what it would add. You have a very large room with high ceilings. A good $500-$700
sub is not out of line.

#3: have fun!

Mr Peabody
08-04-2005, 05:56 PM
Your center and mains don't match, you should correct that. It will make a big difference in the presentation if you get a matching DCM center or go to Polk mains the same series as your center. The matching makes the sound across the front sonically consistent or the sound seamless as it goes from side to side. You may not think you notice now, but if you match the speakers I guarantee you will notice the improvement. In the same fashion, if you are happy with your Polk get Polk for the rears. Having all your speakers "voice matched" or having the same tonal quality IS important in a good sounding home theater system. If listening for yourself don't convince you, why buy expensive rear speakers?

Not knocking your system but Pioneer will match well with most of the speakers sold at BB or CC. CC carries Polk and Infinity. Your rears don't see much action, I've heard it quoted maybe 30% use during a 5.1 movie so why buy better rears than what you have in the front? Your center channel sees most of the action, that should be where you invest some money. Both of the stores you mentioned have 30 day no question returns, so give what I'm telling you a listen.

Roll Tide
08-05-2005, 03:54 AM
Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it. I actually got to listen to the Definitive Technology Procinema 60 set yesterday. pretty impressive. the guy at the store said i should keep my DCMs because they had more mid range than any satellite speaker i'd ever find. He advised I purchase a bigger sub (as you guys have also advised) and get some decent back speakers. i saw some Wharfdale WH-2 speakers for $110 that had some pretty good reviews.

Can I ask you what subs are among the best for the money?

I don't mean to knock Circuit City or BestBuy, i just read that there better products out there for the same amount of money but they are just lesser known. but I think you are right, i just need to find something, take it home and listen on my own. I guess I just don't trust my novice ears to know what i'm supposed to hear.

Thanks for the info. Your input will definitely be used in my decisions.

08-05-2005, 08:46 AM
Doesnt the procinema 60 come as a full package only.I had the 100's for along time and they were great.I would think the 60's would be a good choice but if you have the budget look into the 100's packages.When i got mine i upped the sub to the 200tl instead of the 100 and changed the center to the c2.This was what i had in a 22.5 x 19.5 room and they were awesome for music as well as HT.
Sorry i just realized what your budget was,i would get the 60's it's a full package w/sub.Also you could also just add the yamaha sub as a second sub.

Roll Tide
08-05-2005, 10:17 AM
That's not a bad idea. As I said, I don't know enough about this to know is the best option. I do know that I didn't have my receiver and DVD hooked up correct and so i just bought a digital optical connector at lunch that i'll test out tonight.

Other issues i have are that when i play CDs on the DVD player, my sub doesn't make a sound. I guess all the bass is going through my front DCMs.

If i can get hte optical connection working, and get the full digital stuff going right, i'm hoping i'll see a big improvement. Will be sub sound any different. it's hooked up to the receiver through one direct cable. It's ok during movies, but it's not that room shaking sound i hear everywhere else i go. A guy at a local stereo shop recommended i purchase Atlantic Technology speakers and a 500w sub. I priced it but it's out of my price range.

I'll see if the optical connection makes things any better. I still may sell my front DCMs and Polk center. Or I may keep them and just get a new sub and surround speakers like Wharfdale WH2s. I know Polk makes good stuff so maybe i'll take the earlier advice and sell my DCMs and get Polk fronts and surrounds.

Man this can get confusing real fast. But I guess only my ears will know when i've made the right decisions. I do however think my Yamaha SW105 sub is too small. Even when turned up it's not very noticable.

The Cinema 60 solves the wife issue since hte surrounds are real small and white. But I don't know if the fronts and center will sound better than my DCMs and Polk. I heard a DVD through them but didn't have enough time to sit and listen to music.

I'll try a few things until i get it right. I really appreciate all the feedback and words of wisdom. I sure need it.

08-05-2005, 10:44 AM
If your dvd player was never connected digitally you missed out on alot.You'll see what i mean when you do connect and do all your settings(speaker level & distances).I will say this to you what ever speaker option you take the front three need to be timber matched to get the full and proper effects.Example would be to get a center speaker that is timber matched to your present dcm's which could be hard to do depending how old they are or get polk mains to match your center.As far as the 60's i have never heard them but can only tell you about the 100's which i already did.I think since you already heard them and liked them your decision just became easier.Maybe if you post the model of each speaker someone can help you save some money.

Roll Tide
08-05-2005, 12:20 PM
Ok I'll try to get the model numbers this weekend. The DCM's are the TimeFrame speakers from the early 90s. I've had them 12 years or so. The Polk center is about 5 years old. So nothing is new that's for sure.

Because they are all so old, and don't match, that's why i've considered selling all three pieces, plus the sub, and getting a new set. The Pro 60 set seems real good due to it's small surround speaker size and since I can get those speakers in white.

Let me ask you this, if you had your choice which would you choose?

Def Tech ProCinema 60
Polk RM6750
Klipsch Quintet
Athena Mirco 6
Wharfedale MovieStar 70
DCM Cinema 2
Or any speaker system for around $700, which would it be?

If i need to match my equipment up, i might as well get new stuff. The stuff i have is ok for the normal stereo or CD listener, but if I want nice quality home theater sound, i guess it's time to make some upgrades.

i'll use the system about 60% for movies and 40% for music.

Once again, thanks for the advice. I really do like hearing the feedback and the ideas.

08-05-2005, 12:42 PM
I would get the's but thats just me your taste may be different.Also how old is your receiver which is also something you may want to look at if it's really outdated.The recent receivers even the real budget ones have updated formats like PLll etc.

08-05-2005, 12:52 PM
Roll tide,almost forgot my understanding that the DCM's are pretty decent speakers are they the floorstanders?You may want to make an honest effort to try and see if you can get a matching center for those speakers,maybe Ebay or Audiogon.It's just a suggestion and you'll probably save some cash for other things in the end.

Roll Tide
08-05-2005, 01:05 PM
Well I think the DCMs are pretty good. they aren't top of the line speakers but sound pretty good to me. they have good bass and midtones. yes they are the floor standing speakers that are fairly thin and have the little stand in teh back that supports them. they are about 42 inches tall or so.

i'll see if i can find something on ebay. do you think any of the modern DCM stuff will work with it? Should i ask DCM?

i really appreciate the feedback Enrique. You've helpd a lot.

08-05-2005, 01:11 PM
If you want to use the dcm's yes you can contact dcm and see what they tell you.By the way there is alot of dcm's on ebay right now.I personally dont know jack about them other than they are big.