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08-04-2005, 03:38 AM
Been listening to this quite a bit over the last few days and now I'm starting to appreciate what a good album this really is. I don't have any of their previous works so I can't comment on how it stands in their catalogue but I would have thought (and some reviews I've read back this up) it must be up there as one of their best.

I'm not usually big on lyrics but these songs just draw you in and you can't help but take note of them. You just know sometimes when you listen to a song it's just a vehicle for the lyrics, but if the tune is good it's a real bonus, well that's just how these songs come across.

There's some fierce strumming on the guitar at times and Darnielle sings about himself in these autobiographical songs with a real passion in an almost talkey singing voice which just suit the mood, sometimes he just can't tell you enough.

This will be in my top ten of the year without a doubt, nice production too.


ps Davey posted your package to day