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08-03-2005, 11:12 PM
Welcome any recommendations you guys have of any portable headphones, earbus, noise reducing earbuds or noise reducing portanle headphones you guys would recommend for under $250 retail to be used only for MP3 players while jogging outside. Comfort & sound are equally important. Right now after getting my generic earbus that were way to big & uncompfortable with my Nano Zen Plus 512 player (Cost be $129 with tax retail, if I waited a day I could have gotten them for $99 inc. shipping on Ebay as a Buy It Now- wasn't worth my time returning to the store & then waiting for them by mail), I just got based on a bunch of recommendations Sennheiser MX-400 earbuds for like $10 and they're much more comfortable & sound pretty good but I hear too much street noise when jogging. I was going to go with a noise reducing earbud but I saw some great reviews for Koss Stereo portopros which are light over the ear types & thought I'd give that a go. They're costing me $39 with shipping from J&R- believe it or not the clowns on Ebay had it for much more.

Anyway, would appreciate any recommendations as these are going to be used for jogging only. Thanks