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08-02-2005, 06:46 AM
JC sent me this cd, a new friggin' cd in the unopened wrapper, because he thought I would like it. Guess what? I actually LOVE IT ! How did he know I would? Our tastes are quite different for the most part, but he was on target with this. Anyone else hear this one? It's a blend of nice pop/rock and some of it sounds like retro 80s pop (the good stuff) and even Luna on a couple tracks (especially on Oh, Sweetheart) , and I love Luna.

Anyway, a big THANK YOU to JC, although I think he may have fallen off the earth. I haven't seen a post, reply or e-mail from him in a long time. Anybody hear from him lately? I'm a worry-wart so I always start thinking that something bad may have happened, so maybe someone can put me at ease?


08-04-2005, 06:06 AM
This band is in town tonight playing a show with The Redwalls opening. I happened to catch them (The Shout Out Louds) on one of the local TV morning shows this morning. They only played one song, but it was quite good.

If I could find someone to go with on such short notice, it would be a great show to take in tonight. But unless any of you are willing to hop on a quick flight to Toronto, I'm staying home. :(

Jim Clark
08-07-2005, 03:43 PM
You're welcome.

Didn't know if you'd like it but you'd hit a bit of a rough patch and I thought what the L, the store had 2 of them. Many more folks around here have gone way out of their way for me and while it won't be overnight, I'm just trying to even things out a bit.

I've been gone on vacation and prior to that was busier than all get out. Bought my first "new to me amplifier and it's still in the box right where I left it three weeks ago. I got lots to do to catch up with real life but it's good to be back.

Vacation was great for the most part. Destin got hit pretty hard so we went with Gulf Shores Alabama. Beaches were above average, no waves though and pretty much sucked as the Clarks were grounded-no surfing at all. I got to tell you though, I had no idea Larry the Cable guy had so many brothers and they were all vacationing in Alabama at the same time. It was something else.