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07-30-2005, 10:19 AM
Saw Stan Ridgway in a microscopic club right here in Redwood City on thursday- the "Little Fox" right in the center of our sleepy downtown.

I found out about it when a buddy mentioned it in passing on tuesday so I e-mailed SR and he set me up with tix (I've done CD cover and web work for him, he wrote the intro to my book. I wouldn't say we're pals, but we have an amiable working relationship, he's an uber-nice guy). About 6 other friends tagged along too.

It was a very simple gig- him with an acoustic guitar, his wife Pietra Wexstun on junky old analog keyboards and another guy on a roundback electric/acoustic. The word "troubador" comes to mind. It was a very low key affair with no drums, but Pietra did use some really gritty percussion loops on a few songs and the 2nd guitarist managed to wring some nice and fat bass out of his guitar for a little added density.

He played music that spanned his career: from his wicked cool, throbbing cover of "Ring of Fire" to a couple of whacked new songs on a very soon to be released "Drywall" album (Jim take note- he played a few songs from it for me when I visited him last year and it rocks) and many stops everywhere in between. Yeah, he played "Mexican Radio", but he played it cajun style which was quite effective. He also did a few bars in reggae and bahia jazz style in the rap beforehand first to warm up. It was all very self-deprecatory and goofy.

The performance was funny in general. His patter between songs was filled with the same dry wit that appears all over his albums. The new "pickle juice and brandy" section to "Police call" is pretty damn funny and he got mileage out of it all night. Lots of prozac gags and getting old comments. It was just a very amiable and relaxed gig.

Afterwards he did a meet and greet and he gave me a buncha stuff including a rare Italian live album from 1996 and the "Showbusiness is my life" DVD. Great stuff for any SR/WoV fan.

Finch Platte
07-30-2005, 07:00 PM
Saw Stan Ridgway in a microscopic club...Great stuff for any SR/WoV fan.

Thanks for the review!

Is he from around there, or is he just on a mini-tour? Or both?

Damn- I should have sent you your book so he could have white-outed your signature and put something really witty. :p


08-03-2005, 08:06 AM
You know, one with actual <i>words</i> this time ;), I've even got the title for you: <i><b>I am Troy, Celebrity of the common man</i></b>.

rock on!

08-03-2005, 03:33 PM
Is that "words with a B this time"? or what? Ballyhoo! Bru-ha-ha!

Ridgway live in a dingy apartment overlooking the canals in Venice, CA. He played Reno the next night so yeah, mini tour.

Jim Clark
08-07-2005, 03:46 PM
YOu mean if we'd gone to San Fran instead of Alabama I might have been able to see Stan? That blows! You gotta hook me up with that CEEDEE. What do you say pal?