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07-26-2005, 11:30 AM
Thanks to the steady decline of quality movies and network TV, I'd say 75% of my entertainment viewing is with HBO now. So I'm naturally curious to see how you guys feel about the current HBO lineup. The categories are...

Top 5 HBO favorites:
1. The Sopranos
2. Curb Your Enthusiasm
3. The Wire
4. Entourage
5. Six Feet Under

Shows that started strong, but jumped the shark:
1. Carnivale (did it get cancelled?)
2. Deadwood (Great cast/sets/costumes, terrible dialogue--sorry, terrible F'ING dialogue.)

Shows that just suck:
1. Real Time with Bill Mahr (Loved him in the Politically Incorrect days. Then he blew a gasket after Bush took office and basically became a ranting, bigotted a-hole.)
2. Ali-G (Is it really supposed to be funny or insightful? Annoying is the only word I can think of.)

07-26-2005, 11:49 AM
Been getting HBO, legally and illegally I may add for sometime and I've some on my list you've forgotten about....

My faves

1. "The Soprano's" - Love it or hate it, it's the gold standard of Pay Channel Dramas.

2. "Six Feet Under" - Once you're in you're hooked and mean really hooked. It's shaping up to be a good one in the end.

3. "Oz" - Way over the top but man what drama and where else we gonna learn about shankin' and tats, and tossin' salads?

4. "Carnival" - Dark, strange, scary and good as hell. Real cult following out there....

5. "Spawn" - Great animated series that could've been better served. Surprised HBO didn't have the guts for this one.

6. "Tales From the Crypt" - Loved this series, wish it was still on as well...

7. "The Wire" - Great, great drama that dares to show that even low lives have lives, dreams, aspirations and desires to be more than they are.

8. "The Chris Rock Show" - Hey man dat **** was funny.

Ones I hated!

1. "Curb Your Enthusiasm" - Sorry I went to high school and junior high with whiney, self absorbed NY City Jewish Kiids. They weren't funny then and they ain't funny now.

2. "Sex and the City" - Oh Pulease.... not a damn one of these women are attractive, (to me at least) and this cheeseball romantic melodrama did absoloutely NOTHING for me. Glad to hell it's dead and gone...

3. "Dream On" - Should've been the perfect sitcom for the TV generation but it got lame real, real quick. Could've been much funnier than it ever turned out to be.

Those are my choices. Many more hits then misses which is why you gottta love HBO. The only thing I wish they'd stop doing though is sucking the collective dicks of the New York Yankees. Sheesh how many specials, movies and handjobs do we need on those a**holes?

Da Worfster


07-26-2005, 02:10 PM
Are you kidding me Worf? Dream On was sheer brilliance! Tales from the Crypt ruled and I may buy the 2nd season when it's released. Can't justify dropping twenty bucks for six episodes in the first season. Currently my favorites are Six Feet Under, Bill Maher, and Sopranos. I haven't really tried to get into any of the new shows, except for Deadwood, and that was only because I spend a night in Deadwood about 2yrs ago. But I agree that, in general, HBO is on top of producing quality shows that blow away network-how many sex jokes can I cram into half an hour-crap.

07-26-2005, 02:49 PM
Carnivale will not be returning.

Did you know that HBO gets more Emmy nominations than any other network? Some years they have gotten more than all the other networks combined. And of course they also win more.