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11-15-2003, 11:55 PM
Hello everybody,

I Searched the reviews on this site and they were not as extensive for TV's are they are for audio. (duh But I was hoping that some of you guys would help me out. My dad wants to spend around 1500 dollars on a TV. He is a huge weenie when it comes to home theater, I had to GIVE him my onkyo amp and polk r40 towers to get him into H/T!!! (cheap bastard :) Anyway I want to know what good TV's are out there for $1500, He is mainly concerned about big sceen, and is not want to spend any extra $$ on smaller size or anything. I think he also wants to get into HDTV but I know there is a lot of controversy out there on this subject so I will let you guys duke it out here! All posts are appreciated, as TV's are not really my subject.

Thanks for the help!

11-16-2003, 04:26 PM
If Dad wants a really big screen TV to watch - and IF his room is somewhat controllable for ambient light, his best bet would be a front projector from infocus like their model 4800. It will produce pictures that will blow his socks off and for a very modest and reasonable price ... $1299.

He'll also need some sort of screen to go with it, but he could get by with a simple bedsheet tacked to the wall - at least temporarily. A better screen can be home made as well for a fairly cheap price. A high quality professional type screen (which of course will yield the best results) will set him back $400-800.

What he does NOT want is a direct-view HDTV - which are limited in size (diagonal) to 38" and are a risky investment. One that I wouldn't consider for a N.Y. second for myself. They also cost considerably more than his budget.

Hope this helps you


11-16-2003, 06:01 PM
Thanks for your reply!

I read about the front projectors and the only downfall being ambient light. Well... where I would want him to put the tv would be about 20 ft away from a wall of windows, they all have nice wooden blinds but I am sure some light will still get through. I dont have any experience with them so dont know what It is like... But he does go nuts when he sees those projectors! I wish I could post a pic of the room haha. I may do that...

Also I wanted to ask about the whole HDTV business... If I decide on the 4800, or the X1 (two most likely). What else Do I need to buy for them to put out HDTV? I read about some need external tuners?!? sounds expensive... Anyway Thanks for your hepl guys!

karl k
11-16-2003, 08:38 PM
I've been pretty peachy with my Panny 53WX42 rear projector(about $1600us last I checked). The 53" widescreen is a breeze to setup and if you are inclined, there are a couple of web sites that can get you into the service menu and do some tweaking to the convergence(just be careful what you do). Of all the audio and video equipment I've owned over the last 20yrs or so, the Panasonic/Technics line has served me well. They as a company also have a very good base of repair locations in the US which will be required since in home service will be preferable for a TV that large. The 53WX52 is essencially the same unit with a screen protector on the front. I chose w/o the protector to help eliminate light reflections in my room.

If it's a dedicated HT room for movie content only(and light source controllable) then the front projector is a good deal. If an everyday room for everyday viewing, I'd go with the RPTV.

11-19-2003, 06:24 PM
What is the model number of this pannasonic TV?

I think light will be a problem because the room has a wall of windows facing the tv

karl k
11-20-2003, 06:48 PM
and it appears that my model(53WX42) and the 53WX52 are discontinued. While you may still be able to find these sets on the market(at a nice discount!), I did see the new models for this year which have some intriguing upgrades and some that would still fall in the price range you described. Here's a link to Panny's site and the set simular to mine...

I couldn't tell if the set has the screen protector/shield or not, you'll just have to look in the store yourself. Here's another good site for some info on different HDTV's both rear projection and plasma. You have to register to read the forums but it's free and worth it. These guy's appear to know a few things about video... :D

11-20-2003, 09:25 PM
That 53" Panny is a nice set. Good tv picture, astounding picture with DVD and HDTV signal.

Below is a link to the Panny PT-47WXC43, a nice buy here for under $1500, especially if he wants wants to watch TV, which is tougher with a home theater projector or if he doesn't have the large wall required for a projector. If you leave the protective screen off, you wont get any glare on the screen. The protective screen is just some sort of special Plexiglas which will give you glare, and I can tell you that most brands besides Panasonic use a screen like this which will cause glare.