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01-04-2004, 10:39 PM
First, that Green Bay - Seattle game was one of the GREAT NFL games ever. Prolly in my top ten. Seattle showed a lot in not giving up and fighting back, but my heart was with Green Bay all the way. Favre showed a lot of moxie playing with a broken thumb. Many quarterbacks around the NFL should take note, this guy throws a better spiral on the run, under pressure, with a broken thumb on his throwing hand than many do sitting in the pocket. Quincy Carter (Cowboys), please take note.

And my LSUs showed they have one of the best college defenses ever in winning the National Championship game. OU scored twice, one on a two yard drive (field position resulting from a blocked punt) that took 4 plays (rescued from a field goal as a result of an offsides call on 3rd down) and the other a 30 yard drive (field position a result of a 60 yard interception return). Other than that, they did dam near nothing in 4 quarters. 152 yards total for the best offense in the country. (scary moment with 3 minutes to go tho as their Clayton dropped a TD pass)

I feel for USC's plight. But the system is what it is. Maybe this so called split national championship will get real reforms put into place in the future so that no one will be able to lay claim to the championship after not having played their way into the championship game. But for now, I'll be seeing the National Championship trophy this Wednesday when I visit Baton Rouge.

Sorry for the gloating, but these things don't happen down on the bayou very often.

01-05-2004, 07:54 AM
Sorry man, I just couldn't let that one pass. Spell check couldn't help you there. LOL. As for your call of the games, yeah, Seattle certainly came to play. If you're an Eagles fan you can either be scared of Favre or take heart that they aren't exactly the world beaters of two weeks ago. I'm Glad as hell that USC and LSU one thier respective pieces of the mythical national championship. For me this was a perfect storm against the BCS and it occurred exactly as I'd hoped. OU did not deserve to play for any portion of the National Chapionship. Anyone that had seen the Kansas State game knew this but you can't reason with a computer. Now they say they'll fix it next year... little late don't you think?

Glad to see Peyton Manning answer his critics and shut em up for the time being.


Da Worfster

01-05-2004, 08:30 AM
Manning was great. Forgot to give him the prop he deserved. I wouldn't want to be playing them next week. The Packers have their Waterloo next week. I agree that it should have been LSU/USC in New Orleans. I believe LSU's defense would have held USC....... they're (USC) scary tho.......but we'll never know.... mebbe next year? Both teams are young (or so I'm told about USC).

OU would have lost to U of M in a great Rose Bowl.

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