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07-18-2005, 09:05 AM
.....and while I thought it was an awesome re-telling of the original and I was pretty impressed with Cruise's performance in the lead, I dont know.....I was a bit dissapointed at the end because I thought there would be more combat scenes between the aliens and the just seems like the Army launched a couple of missiles at these machines and brought them right down; there was no real fight......was this in accordance with the original, which I dont really have any fan background knowledge on? Did the government destroy the ships so easily in the original?

And I didnt care for Morgan Freeman's narration in the beginning and the end......did anyone else?

BUT MY GOD is this DVD gonna sound good when its released......the sound effects in the THX certified cinema I saw this in in Vegas simply ROCKED.....I was deaf when I left the theater.....holy ****......I cant wait for this DVD, which is probably going to receive a Dolby Digital track, not DTS, because thats how it was presented in the theaters --- although this usually means little, and its also going to be distributed by Universal, who are infamous for giving high-action pictures like this Dolby soundtracks and not DTS ones; they did this with the Dawn of the Dead remake and Van Helsing, both of which I believe could have benefitted from DTS breathing.......