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Monkey Bones
07-11-2005, 10:34 AM
life is a debt that must someday be paid
born where we were born
has left us helpless and self-obsessed

you can't live alone
last night on earth
they can't hurt you now
last night on earth

Any big Mekons fans? Love that closer from the Mekons Journey to the End of the Night. Slowly became one of my favorites of the last few years. Love albums that sneak up on you like that. I just used that "Last Night On Earth" closer as the finale on one of my own comps, so have been listening and loving it a lot lately. With Neko Case wailing the "last night on earth" parts at the end. And Edith Frost and Kelly Hogan also giving Jon and Sally some nice backup support throughout. Very classy album. Since we missed the Friday Song of the Day thread last week, I'm calling this my song of the week. Curiosity seekers can download a free and legal MP3 below. It's got a nice jaunty reggae sound juxtaposed against the anguished lyrics, almost as though they're dancing on their own graves. Fun stuff that'll stay in your head for days (if you're anything like me, and I know you are ;))

07-12-2005, 04:55 AM
I've become a pretty big Mekons fan over the past few years. Journey To the End of the Night is my latest Mekons acquisition, and I've only had it a couple months. It's a very nice record, and somewhat different from the other albums I have of theirs. It seems to be more mature and laid back, even as compared to the albums they've released after Journey.

Lately I've been listening to this one a bit:

It has a similar sound to Fear and Whiskey, with that country-tinged rock. It may not quite stand up to Fear and Whiskey and Rock 'n' Roll, but it's a damn good record.