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07-07-2005, 07:09 PM
Hello people I have another question: Are the BIC DV62Si and the BIC DV62CLR really that good with the EFE mods by Ed Frias???? Forgive me people but I am very new to the DIY. What exactly do you have to do??? I read something about taking the X-over out. Is this hard to do?? I assume EFE redoes the X-over and sends it back to you is that correct? Then, you just have to put it back in the speaker. How hard is that to do??? How do you reattach the X-over??? Carpenters glue??? What does Ed/EFE charge for the modifications???? Is there a set price per speaker? Same price for the center channel DV62Si speaker or is it more???? Well, thank you for your time.

EFE Speakers
07-07-2005, 08:18 PM
Hello Phil,
I have two versions for the modified BIC speakers. First, if you buy the speakers and send me the crossovers, a more simple $30 mod. Second, if you buy the speakers directly from me they include a more extensive mod as well as measuring all driver to make sure they match. The more extensive mod includes perfectly matching all parts in the crossover as well as some other additions. E-mail me for more details, thanks!

Ed Frias

07-08-2005, 04:51 AM
Phil, as Ed says, he offers tested, matching drivers in the speaker you buy from him.

This kind of treatment is rarely found in speakers below $1000. When I took my Studio 40's into the physics lab (they have DIY "club" that let's me use their equipment at the University here in exchange for charitable donations), they measured the FR responses and you wouldn't believe how "off" from each other they are. For the most part they followed the same overall curve slope, but a lot significant variances along the way. One's bass rolled off 12 Hz earlier than the other, and at the same time had a slightly nasty spike above 16 KHz the other didn't share...midrange was like looking at 2 different speakers except they shared a common dip around 2 KHz. Awefully hard to get accurate imaging. Paradigm is a large speaker company with access to a lot of equipment, but they rely on batch testing, and statistical tolerances that can all add up. Testing and matching mass produced speakers would drive the costs up so much that it'd be harder to compete (and let's face it, most people can't tell fr response is off, they just believe what the printed specs in the pamphlets tell them). That's what I got in their "reference" line, I'm bet their two lower product lines are even worse as far as quality control goes. Not to pick on Paradigm, safe bet most other manufacturers operate the same way.

IMO, having built a few other speakers myself, I can't stress enough how important matching drivers can be. I've bought tweeters that were so for off specifications that it required a completely different crossove with the woofer than it's partner. I learned that lesson the hard way. Ended up selling one tweeter at a loss (well, it was only $20), the other makes a great paper weight. Whenever possible I pay extra for matching pairs now.

Given the tiny extra cost of buying speakers from EFE vs, buying elsewhere and doing the XO mod, you'd be crazy to risk buying an stock speaker IMO.

07-08-2005, 04:57 PM
Yeah having tested drivers can make a big difference according to Vance Dickanson's book. I am reading it as I type this. Now my new "Bible". BTW, got to go to Tyler Acoustics today. You can read about my experience on the speaker forum where I usually hang out. Thanks Kex once again for all your help.