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07-05-2005, 10:47 AM
Over the weekend I was checking out a friend's multi-room sound system.

He's been using a Sima SSW-L6EX 6-Pair Speaker Selector (w/ volume controls) to deliver sound to 4 zones around the house & the patio. He was originally using (what most would consider) a decent Sony receiver but wasn't getting enough volume out of the setup so I recommended that he replace the receiver with something more powerful from Adcom. It was one of those cocktail conversations a couple of months back, so I didn't really think he would really upgrade.

Well he did, in spades. He replaced the receiver with an Adcom GTP-602 Tuner/Preamplifier and a GFA-5802 300w amp (some people have that kind of disposable income). Anyhow, it wasn't installed yet when we were over there, but I am now wondering if that Sima speaker selector will be able to handle the load.

Any thoughts?