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karl k
01-02-2004, 09:29 PM
I'm trying to determine the alignment of this 2nd order lowpass filter but am not finding much on the net. Any ideas? It looks like a typical Butterworth or L-R but C1 and C2 are not the same and the values don't plug in like they're suppose to as I know the formulas.(f=1/{2piR ^(C1C2)} The x-over is from a plate amp from MCM and is supposed to be a 2nd order variable from 40Hz to 160Hz. I'm trying to use it in a bi-amp 3-way as a power source for 2ea 10" woofers. The mid and high end run passive from the receiver so it would be benificial to know the alignment of the active for integration purposes. The heart of the filter is centered around U204A op amp.