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06-24-2005, 03:10 PM
American Theater Systems( called this place about a nadt-753 receiver they quoted me $689.00.
Kevin McEvoy the owner claims to be authorized but I've found out otherwise. How can they sell it for so cheap? The next price I found was well over $900.00.
They seem to have a bad reputation. So i don't want to take a chance. Are there any reputable dealers that can match's price?

06-24-2005, 07:54 PM
There are only a limited number of ways you can buy audio gear: 1) Directly from the manufacturer or U.S. distributor through their website (not all manufacturers do this) where you will definitely get a factory warranty. If you're buying B-Stock, you may not always get the same warranty that comes with an A-Stock unit; 2) From an authorized dealer where you might be able to negotiate a reasonable discount and you will definitely get a factory warranty; 3) From a previous owner where you will hopefully get a well-taken-care-of unit at a reasonable price and unless the warranty is transferable (few are), you will not get a factory warranty; and 4) From an unauthorized dealer where you will get a great price but you take a chance that you'll get a unit which is used / defective / repaired / stolen / counterfeit / etc. and you will definitely not get a factory warranty. And, after you've paid for this unit and find that it is used and/or has had the serial number removed or worse, you'll call the dealer and he'll be rude and obnoxious and basically tell you that it's your problem. Then you'll have to dispute the credit card charge to get you money back. Face it -- any dealer who will readily lie to you about being an authorized dealer is probably a crook. Do you really want to do business with someone like him?

There are a few unauthorized dealers who are honest enough to admit on their websites that they are not authorized and that the gear they sell does not come with a factory warranty; some of them offer off-the-shelf warranties.

The short answer to your second question is no; it is very unlikely that you will be able to find an authorized dealer who will match the price quoted by American Theater Systems. You have to decide how important it is to you to have a factory warranty and whether or not it is worth the difference. You also have to decide how much of a chance you are willing to take on getting something other than a factory-sealed, new-in-box unit.

06-26-2005, 08:43 AM
This comes up a lot...

All products have a warranty, both expressed and implied. Actual warranty requirements are probably dictated by the State in which you live and in which manufacturer does business. Such is required by law in order to do business. Read the fine print on your warranty card. After all the language trying to limit liability, the end says that some or all of the above may not apply to you. To say that a product does not come with a factory warranty is wrong.

You can buy a product any way you want and will still get the full factory warranty. If it is a genuine article and is in new condition warranty cannot be denied. No, you cannot take it back to Best Buy. It may not be an easy process dealing with the manufacturer. However, the manufacturer is responsible that the product sold meets what was advertised.

In the worst cases, a manufacturer is never totally free of warranty obligations. For instance, a stereo receiver with a defect that causes harm, electric shock or fire, would almost certainly be considered to be in warranty. Old. Second-hand. Third-hand. It does not matter. If a product is defective, the manufacturer is liable under implied warranty. This is where the product liability lawsuits come from. There is no getting out of it.


06-26-2005, 09:03 AM
Putting together our HT setup, I considered various ways of buying the components, retail, online, and used. The issue of "factory authorized" retailers versus warranty came up and I checked out the facts.

That said, I bought the DLP television from Best Buy. It was expensive, big, and complex. I wanted someone local to "have at" should a problem arise. As far as a receiver, I purchased that online at a huge discount. It depends on the nature of the product and the amount of grief one might be willing to put up with.

Fact is, warranty cannot be denied. If I bought a online from an "unauthorized" outlet and had problems, here is how I would see it.

If the product that arrived was not new, sealed, and in working order, it goes back to the vendor. Return shipping charges are his responsibility. Worst case, I'll leave it on the front porch for the UPS man to pick up. Regardless, credit card charges are reversed.

If the product breaks in the expressed warranty period, I would contact the manufacturer to see what they would offer to do. If what is offered is less than full warranty, I would talk with management and find a resolution. I would remind them what is required by NC law. I would advise them that I am willing to petition their Registered Agent in NC and would certainly seek resolution in state court. For $600.00, that is never going to happen. It will work itself out.