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View Full Version : Where do I buy a Tivo Remote??

06-19-2005, 06:51 AM
Hi all,
Is there a place that any of you would reccomend that I can purchase a true/real Tivo series 2 remote?? How much are they going for ??


N. Abstentia
06-19-2005, 07:19 AM
There's always Ebay...

06-24-2005, 05:39 AM
Check for the brand that makes your Tivo Recorder. Then contact them for a remote. Or contact Tivo.com and ask them where you might secure a new remote. Good luck

06-24-2005, 07:06 AM
Call 1-800-remotes, 1-800-736-6837, or 1-866-903-7278

06-27-2005, 02:46 PM
I bought a replacement remote for my Toshiba TV online. I entered the remote model number into my favorite search engine and up popped a number of sites. I seem to remember more than 5 sites. Enough sites that price comparisons were worthwhile.