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01-02-2004, 12:29 PM
... and bored out of my mind, I killed some time by creating a couple hard rock/metal comps for my iPod and car. I wanted these song sequences to have decent pace overall, so that when I'm healthy enough to return to the gym I'll have some aural stimulation to get my workout mojo goin'.

The first comp, Metal Of Ages 1, comprises metal/hard rock tunes from the seventies, eighties, ninties, and the new millenium.

1) Wheels Of Confusion/Black Sabbath
2) May The Sunshine/Nazareth
3) Flight Of The Rat (remix)/Deep Purple
4) Over The Mountain/Ozzy
5) Outlaw/Riot
6) I Speed At Night/Dio
7) Falling In Love/Scorpions
8) Walk In The Shadows/Queensryche
9) Down In A Hole/Alice In Chains
10) Darkness Visible/Altered State
11) Prince Charming/Metallica
12) The Grudge/Tool
13) The Drapery Falls/Opeth

For Metal Of Ages 2, I decided to stay with hard rock/metal from the eighties.

1) In For The Kill/Black Sabbath
2) Where Eagles Dare/Iron Maiden
3) Given The Dog A Bone/AC-DC
4) Mr. Brownstone/Guns 'n' Roses
5) Had A Dad/Jane's Addiction
6) Hot Persuasion/Uriah Heep
7) Crying In The Rain/Whitesnake
8) Heartbeat/Riggs
9) Into The Arena/Michael Schenker Group
10) Your Love Is In Vain/Vandenberg
11) Crazy (A Suitable Case For Treatment)/Nazareth
12) Devil's Daughter/Ozzy
13) Divine Wind/Blue Oyster Cult
14) Running, White Face, City Boy/Gillan
15) C.I.A./Riot
16) Radar Rider/Riggs
17) Eyes Of A Stranger/Queensryche
18) Outlaw/The Cult
19) Heart Attack/Thin Lizzy

Well, that's them. I hadn't really planned on offering these up for grabs, but if someone REALLY wants one I can burn a copy quick enough.

Dave M

01-02-2004, 01:40 PM
HECK YEA!! man, I haven't heard some of those songs in years.. I have the perfect comp to swap ya for too.. .. email me.. dubman99(at)


Jim Clark
01-02-2004, 01:54 PM
well that's too bad but glad you were feeling well enough to get something constructive done. Toons can sure make you feel a lot better. Hope you have a speedy recovery.


Ps. No offense or anything but you can keep the germ ridden comps to yourself! (mentally apply a smiley here: ___)

01-02-2004, 02:20 PM
I hope you're feeling better real soon. A shot of Nyquil will help you sleep off the boredom if it gets too much for you. That's usually how I get through the flu. Although you would lose all this productive comp-making time. :)

I would love a copy of those comps. For the most part those are all bands that I like but don't have a lot of those songs.

I'm working on an All-Canadian best of 2003 (and some 2002) for myself that I will happily trade with you if there is any interest. I'll offer it up here to everyone once I've finalized the track list. There's a lot of different genres on the comp --- something for everyone.

My computer crashed over the holidays and I lost my whole RR database. So, if you don't mind...PM me with your email address and I'll email my mailing address back to you.