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06-15-2005, 11:39 PM
With the help of the members of this board, I just purchased a pair of Energy C5's for the front and a pair of C3's for surrounds. I was thinking since I have to buy stands for the C3's anyway, why not just buy floorstanders for the rear. So, my question is do C7's match well with C5's (with their different woofer sizes)? I'm choosing between the following options:

1. buy another pair of C5's for the rear and return the C3's
2. buy a pair of C7's and move the C5's to the back
3. keep the C3's and just buy some stands
4. buy C9's and move the C5's to the back (would rather not spend the extra cash to do this, but would consider it)

I currently do not have a center or sub, but do plan to get them. My living room is 15x15x9, but it's not separated from the dining room, so the room is actually 25x15x9. I live in an apartment complex so I don't plan on turning the volume up too high. Thanks for any advice.

06-16-2005, 05:20 AM
Bubbafry Any of the above C5,C7or C9 from Energy will match .They all have the same nominal indepedance and DB Sensitivity almost the same .Just go with your budget.They are great speker and you could probably get the demo at a discount .If your in Canada check out the they always have great price and ship ( Marc Hallam great guy to deal with ) Pat.P

Eric Z
06-16-2005, 06:13 AM
would the floorstanders be tall enough for rear speakers? my floorstanders that i use for my front speakers would barely clear my couch.

i would go with your option 3- keep the c-3s. however, then i would put the extra cash toward a center channel or a sub- i would go with a center channel first if you watch a lot of movies- it was nice to hear all of the dialogue come from the center instead of my fronts. then eventually you can pick up a sub- may not be in a big rush since you're in an apartment.

you could also buy a pair of c-7s for the front and keep the c-3s for the back- however, i'm not too sure about the benefit of the c-7s over the c-5s. remember, there's not tons of stuff coming from the surrounds- with some action/adventure movies there a decent amount, but not nearly as much as the fronts- that's why i would say invest in the fronts and just get some surrounds that match well (and it's not like the c-3s are a bad speaker- they'll serve you very well as surrounds).

another thought- every think about getting the cr3s for the surrounds- much easier to place since they have side speakers- made for surround.

good luck!

06-16-2005, 09:04 PM
Thanks for the input guys. Interestingly enough, after listening to the C5's in my apartment for awhile, I decided I didn't like them as much as I did in the store and decided to exchange them for C7's but keep the C3's. As you guys might know, the Energy Connoisseur line was on clearance at Good Guys (C7's = $500/pair, C5's = $375/pr, C3's = $250/pr). So I returned the C5's, but when I wanted to buy the C7's, they said it would be $1000/pr and would not honor their online price. I said screw that, so I decided to just buy them online (free shipping anyway). To my surprise, when I checked the website, the Energy's were no longer on sale. The sale had ended THAT DAY (I know, because I had checked the night before). I was a little pissed at myself at this point because I thought I made a big mistake. But I still had the C3's in their box unopened, so I decided to open them up and give them a try. Turns out, I actually like them better than the C5's. Go figure. It might be because my receiver (Pioneer VSX815) couldn't power the C5's, or maybe just because I could turn up the C3's a little louder without bothering the neighbors. I definitely liked the C5's better in the store. Anyway, I still gotta figure out what to do about the surrounds. I really want to check out the Energy dipoles, but I can't find anyplace that has them on demo. Anyway, thanks again for your replies guys..