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06-15-2005, 05:07 PM
Isildurs Bane is a Swedish band with quite a prolific career, started in the early 80's. Their music is pretty hard to describe, but let's say that it's mostly instrumental/experimental progressive rock with some hints of King Crimson, Pink Floyd and Frank Zappa (just to name some few influences), and with a classical flavour to it, thanks to the use of violins, cello and other chamber music instrumentation. At their website, the band describes their own sound in these words: "Over the years we've gathered a lot of impressions from all around, though mainly from fusion, jazz, classical and theater music. Our musical development has also to do with new members coming from different backgrounds, such as pure rock, funk, classical and jazz." From their many albums released to date, my personal favorites are "The Voyage: A Trip to Elsewhere", "Mind Vol. 1", "Mind Vol. 2" and "Mind Vol. 4".

This concert DVD was recorded last year, in Sweden, featuring songs from their latest release, Mind Vol. 4, together with some few others from their highly acclaimed The Voyage: A Trip to Elsewhere. The bonus video tracks include footage from 2004's Gouveia Art Rock Festival in Portugal. Also included are four new songs recorded exclusively for the DVD.

The first thing you will notice is the high audio & video quality of this DVD. It's Linear PCM stereo only, but it's far better than many 5.1 encoded DVD's I own. Just brilliant.

And as for the music... ah, the music!!! That's the awesome part of the show. Both the main act and the extra video tracks from the show in Portugal are absolutely stunning. These guys can play, and they can play awesomely. The show is just brilliant from start to end, but I have to say I was totally amazed when they played "The Voyage" suite entirely (Parts I, II, III & IV); these are undoubtedly the highlights on this wonderful concert DVD.

The audio part of this DVD is code-free (region 0), but the video part is PAL european format, so you will need a PAL compatible TV set otherwise you will see the show in black-and-white.

This is a definite must have for any prog rock fan IMO.

Best prog wishes,