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06-11-2005, 03:56 PM
I am speaking of this story for my brother and I. Since I have always been a fan of high end electronics, I tend to buy items from higher end retailers, such as Tweeter, Magnolia, etc. so I am greatly dissapointed in myself when my brother's 31st birthday came up and I opted to save a few hundred dollars and buy a plasma and home theater from Best Buy. I decided to purchase a panasonic TH42PX50U and a cheap Sony home theater-in-a-box, all installed for under five grand.
As I was not their for the install, only my sister-in-law, to watch over the install, I was unable to view what actually happened for myself. They did hang the plasma and inwall speakers, but they did it in a manner that only utilized 3 of the bracket's pegs. Therefore when Ally (sis-in-law) came down stairs after they had left to investigate the loud bang, she not only noticed the tv smashed on the floor, but also the strange whimpering sound from underneath.
Sadly, the tv had landed on their 13 year old labrador (choco) and left him with 2 broken ribs.
As if that is not enough, while returning from the emergency trip to the vet, she was greeted by the fire dept. who had already put out the small fire in her living room that was supposedly caused from some type of sparking from behind the wall that started the insulation on fire, and in turn, the entire living room and part of the kitchen.
I am not sure, but I think that the two events could have been related, contrary to what Best Buy is saying.
Along with that, the obvious high school drop-out who called himself "Customer Service" when the store was called first asked if we purchased an extended warranty on our tv, and on hearing "No" said that homeowner's insurance should cover it.
I guess the bottom line is..... Only buy from best buy if you want to save a couple bucks AND are willing to deal with an angry sister-in-law, want to deal with kids younger than my son every time you call the store, and like to carry an obese dog (who is petrified of anything that hangs on walls) outside everytime he has to piss.

06-11-2005, 04:21 PM
Just goes to show that the "getting a deal" movment in the world is not always wise. Here in germany they do it much like america were they have deals 24/7 but the profits are to small to maintain staff with brains.


06-11-2005, 04:27 PM
Just goes to show that the "getting a deal" movment in the world is not always wise. Here in germany they do it much like america were they have deals 24/7 but the profits are to small to maintain staff with brains.


I agree with you totally. What a surprise when I called Best Buy to talk to the kid that sold me this stuff and he had already left the job to go back to school.

Eric Z
06-11-2005, 05:18 PM
Sorry to hear about your mishap, ML123! I rarely buy my HT stuff from Best Buy- I can usually find better prices elsewhere- I maybe buy some CDs/DVDs/Mini DV tapes and that's about it from there. I've only had a couple experiences where a salesperson really knew their stuff- most of the time it the 16-17 year high school kid reading the description right off the box.

I wish you the best about everything working out!

06-11-2005, 05:37 PM
Get a new dog!

06-11-2005, 06:00 PM
Whereas I might buy something from Best Buy (albeit unlikely), I don't think I'd ever trust them to install something, even without hearing of this story.

06-11-2005, 07:53 PM
Sounds like a Shaggy Dog story to me. :D :D :D :D

06-11-2005, 08:01 PM
Im pretty use Best Buy uses local contractors. They should be bonded and insured.

Mr Peabody
06-11-2005, 08:19 PM
I suspect that the installers are just contractors like the delivery people. But if they take on a job they should be qualified.

The "extended warranty" is like extortion, if you buy one the store helps you out if you have a problem and if not you are on your own once out the door. I have been against extended warranties since the beginning and already try not to buy from Best Buy and places similar. We should not have to buy what used to be taken for granted. But we brought it on ourselves by shopping at these corporate giants looking to save a buck while "mom & pop" went out of business. Mom & Pop who charged a couple extra bucks but didn't blink if you came in with a problem, they were glad to help because they cared if you came back. Best Buy don't give a sh*t about you or what you think. And if you and I don't shop there they don't care or feel it because many other sheep do. The money you think you save at these places is not saved at all in the long run. Because stories like this is all too common.

I am sorry for you and your family, it is a horrible incident.

06-11-2005, 09:02 PM
Yea paul I mean if they have to read the directions they really should'nt have their hands on your stuff.

06-12-2005, 12:49 AM
The warranties are pathetic -- The high school I did my practicum in had a digital camera fail after four months -- took it back to Staples -- they said that because no extended warranty was purchesed that the teacher would have to mail it tio Sony. Phone Sony who says we should go to Staples LOL. Finally Sony tells us to mail it to their contractor -- the school purchaser is on the hook for the shipping both ways.

None of this used to be the case -- it used to be if it broke you took it to where you bought it and THEY dealt with the hassle.

Indeed i bought a computer and Laptop from Staples -- and withing 15 days they will take it back -- but after that if something goes you have to do all the I told them and Future Shop (which is Best Buy) that the REASON I buy from B&M in the first place is because if something goes wrong I don't have to ship it back -- Since it is obvious that they are NO DIFFERENT than buying online -- then they will never get another sale from me -- and now I ask up front about warranties -- places like Tiger Direct will get my business since their computers are about 40% cheaper than Best Buy and Future Shop.

Eric Z
06-12-2005, 05:34 AM
I've had horrible experiences with my cell phone company and didn't start getting good service until I sent letters to the VP of Operations and the CFO. I hate it how the times have changed- there are very few operations that believe the customer is always right. I do understand that a lot of the customers give a bad name for all and try to get something for nothing, however, a store should be able to tell the difference. Again, it's such a small cost to the store to please their customers- oh yeah, you have to find people that care and are personable to work for you- that could be difficult nowadays.

I know of one store that always exceeds my expectations and that is the store I shop for all of my HT stuff and appliances. This is why this store is one of the largest independent stores for electronics/appliances. Their motto is, "We say yes to every reasonable request." They really stick by it and they know what a reasonable request is- my refrigerator was having problems after 13 months- they came out and fixed it with no questions asked (no extended warranty). I also like how their delivery people and techs are employees of the company- much better than dealing with a thrid party contractor. They haggle with their prices and beat competitors by tons because they know you will come back and keep on buying- that's why I've bought $2K in HT there and about $8K in appliances. Also, that's the reason every sports figure in the Chicago area shops there- they know they will receive a great product and fantastic service. I wish more stores were like that.

Thanks for listening.

06-13-2005, 06:47 AM
I have purchased many products from BB and will continue to do. As with any service industry it comes down to the people that you deal with on the floor. I agree that many of the "extended" warrenties are a profit maker and in general are a poor purchase. However, on some newer electronics they may be usefull. I purchased a Plasma from BB and I did purchase the extended warrenty. I did not get the warrenty on the sound system, speakers or Tivo unit. I did purchase it on the receiver. To me it was worth the cost.

As far as the TV falling and almost killing the dog, that is in no way a problem with BB. An exented warrenty would not cover this type of incident anyway. They were correct to instruct you to contact your insurance company. Your insurance company will work with you to solve the problem. Most likely they can help you with suing the installers that did the poor work. They are not employees of BB, but independant contractors. They should be bonded and insured, and take care of the issue. Talk to your insurance, and they will be more than happy to help you (they should).

Place blame where blame is due, and BB is not on the hook for this issue.

06-13-2005, 10:30 AM
Blame the dog

06-13-2005, 11:02 AM
Groundbeef I agree with you Its not Best Buy fault but the people that installed it.It wont stop me from shopping there our FutureShop .I get some of my best deals there ,and they price match .Sorry to hear about the dog in this story and a fine story (freak accident) Pat.P

06-13-2005, 01:34 PM
Hire a good lawyer, and you may end up with the home theater of your dreams!!!!

06-13-2005, 06:11 PM
Who took your money for the install? Who handled the transaction? Seems to me that a person doing work as Best Buy is accountable as Best Buy. Just an opinion, I would like to hear the facts.

Valuable fact. The Achilles heel of a corporation like Best Buy is their "Registered Agent(s)" for the states in which they do business. To do business, a corporation has to register an individual with the state for legal matters. Usually, this will be a lawyer or a law firm in the state capital. Complaints against the corporation are directed to this person. That is why he exists, so complaintants have someone to hold accountable. Go to the State websites and look for the list of Registered Agents. Department of State, probably. Sort by company name and you will find the one for Best Buy. Send these a notice of what happened and what you intend to do. Advise them to have someone from Best Buy contact you ASAP to resolve the situation. Look up the procedures for a small claim. In NC, small claims is heard in the County of the Registered Agent. You have to go there. You can summons by certified mail. The filing is very simple. Damages less than $5000.00 are handled by a judge outright. $65.00 or so to file. I bet you get a response.

You may need a lawyer, you may not. If the story you tell is correct, sounds like you have some damages coming.

FYI. here is a letter I wrote to the Registered Agent when I had an issue w/ Best Buy. Best Buy corporate contacted me right away... It really works.

Sir / Madam:


I understand from the State of NC that your firm represents the Best Buy retail chain as their Registered Agent in NC. I am a resident of NC and have an ongoing problem with Best Buy.

Best Buy case number ***********
Best Buy order number **********

Best Buy offered me a "Digital Coupon" as a promotional offer with the purchase of a wide screen HDTV through their operation. The "Digital Coupon" was to be valued at $200.00 and was to be e-mailed to me early in February. The coupon never came. First inquiry, acknowledges the purchase and said they would get back to me. Second inquiry, said I would receive my "Digital Coupon" 4 to 6 weeks after purchase. Neither has happened. I have had no success trying to get information from Best Buy. Customer service by telephone is a joke. The e-mail customer service center is a black hole from which no information escapes. I am getting nowhere with Best Buy and suspect it is that way by design.

Can your firm help in resolving this matter? Do you have a contact at Best Buy who could be helpful at this point? I want to clear this matter up and frankly want to get the $200.00 with which I was enticed.

My ultimate step will be to file a complaint with the State Court, seeking payment of the $200.00, plus my costs and the cost of my time. Naturally, the registered agent would be the one served with notice to appear. I sincerely do not want to resort to this remedy, but will absolutely do so if required.

Please help resolve this issue if you can.



Eric Z
06-14-2005, 04:40 AM
If you went through Best Buy for the installation and the installation was inferior, it is Best Buy's fault- 100%! Best Buy contracts their installers out sort of like Home Depot or Menards does for their installations. I like how jockonc said it- the question is, "Who did you pay for the installation?" If the answer is Best Buy, then they are the ones responsible to you for the poor installation. Now what Best Buy does about it behind the scenes is between them and the installers- why should you be at fault when Best Buy chose a subpar installer?

A lot of companies don't even want you to deal directly with the installers regarding complaints because BB is the one who has the final say in what's going to happen.

If it was the installers fault, I think the comment about your homeowner's insurance taking care of it is a bunch of crap. Do you know if you have 2-3 claims on your homeowner's insurance (doesn't matter how big the claim is), they can drop you or dramatically increase the rates? I speak from experience when I had all new siding and gutters installed on my home because of hail damage. I wasn't dropped since it was first claim. However, 3 neighbors now about paying 3 times as much for their insurance policy because they are "high risk."

I'll get off my soap box now.

Good luck!

06-14-2005, 05:20 AM
Ditto that advice regarding the homeowners policy. I would not turn in a claim for such a small matter. I just had my third claim. The first was trivial, something like 1500.00. We thought what the heck, turn it in. We made the builder pick up the deductible. Cost us nothing, we thought. The second was more serious, a leak in the dishwasher. This spring, I left a chicken pot on the stove and had nasty smoke damage. $20,000 for cleanup. Needless to say, that first claim looks like a big mistake now.

We are looking to move up significantly in home value soon. If our rates increase or we are dropped, it is going to cost us plenty.


06-14-2005, 10:40 AM
Liability is in no way related to the purchase of an extended waranty or not.

You bought an installation service (possibly bundled in the package price) They did not perform, they owe you compensation.

Do not let someone whose job it is to blow you off invent a non-reason and get away with it. There is no reason that you should use your homeowners insurance, which you pay for, to cover Best Buy's blunders.

Turn up the heat; First call Best Buy headquarters, if no satisfaction, contact consumer affairs, contact your state contractors licensing office, contact the local district attorney.

06-14-2005, 04:11 PM
I would agree that to put this under homeowners insurance would probably not be the best choice. However, I would contact your insurance company for help in the matter. Belive it or not, they would probably rather help you get the money out of someone else rather than pay on a claim. Small claims court is also an option as suggested.

In the future, I would always start a call to the store in question as was done. However as soon as I get a live voice on the phone I always in a VERY polite voice ask for a manager. There is no point in explaining your problem to 3 different people who would rather pass the buck than just starting with the guy you will eventually end up with anyway. If this does not solve your problem, keep moving up the food chain. You will be heard.

Things not to say are
"I will never buy from you again"....equals.." OK, why do I need to help you anyway"
"I am going to sue"....equals...."I cant help you need to speak with our coroporate lawyer"

Good luck!