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06-06-2005, 01:18 AM

Im new to this stuff so forgive my ignorance. I just bought a sx838 and I was wondering if anybody had anything good or bad too say about this piece? Im still waiting for it also, so I have'nt had the chance to hear it. Im a music fan and I bought :confused:this becouse alot of people like the quality,looks and sound of the old stuff.
My questions are 1.will modern speakers with rca jacks work somehow with the old speaker jacks?
2.What is 4channel mfp or mpf?
3.can I run my tv thru the reciever and have some what suround sound and what jack in the back do I hook this to?
and what is the point of having A,B AND C speaker hook ups? Do ineed to run a monospeaker in the middle? and can I listen to3 sets even though its only 2 channel?

Thanks for any help on this. I hope I hope I can enjoy this system. :)

06-08-2005, 07:16 AM
the amp section is outstanding. Wish I could say the same about the preamp section but I can't since it doesn't work. So, I have put it to use as an amp only. It has 3 speaker settings to allow you more options (multi-room). You can only choose at most 2 at any give time. The amp section is really powerful and will easily drive 4ohm loads. I also recommend you get a manual if it doesn't come with one. The tuner is the old school style with the rope inside. This may need to be aligned by a local tech. I use the aux input on the receiver to hook up my computer to but you could use the tape in also. Phono is of course for a turntable. You must remember that these receiver are over 30 years old. Caps, transistors, etc, start to wear out. If the preamp section has problems I wouldn't get it fixed because that will most likely cause something else to fail and on and on. The recevier should have the pre-out/main-in jumpered for normal use. I took the jumper off since I just use the amp section. This disables all controls including volume on the reciever. Hope that helps. Paul

pete the bully
11-01-2005, 08:22 PM
[Any speaker system that uses RCA phono jacks should be avoided like the plague.
Good choice with the SX-838. 1974-76, 50 wpc, that was a great series of receivers. The SX-838 was third from the TOTL.
Get a decent pair of speakers and you'll be listening to some fine sounding gear.

11-02-2005, 05:04 AM
Here is some good info on the Pioneers