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05-31-2005, 08:28 AM
Hello members-hope you had a good and safe holiday weekend. Anyways, I have decided to learn more about PSB speakers. It seems they come well received on various forums. So my question is for those whom are experienced with PSB speakers as well as Paradigm and Ascend Acoustics. What I would like to know is how well does the PSB Image B25 stack up against the Ascend CBM-170 and the Paradigm Studio 20? Or is the Image B25 more equal to the Paradigm mini monitor? Furthermore, how does the PSB Image C60 center channel speaker with dual 6 1/2" mids and 1" tweeters compare to the Paradigm cc-370 or the Ascend Acoustics cmt-340c??? Finally, how does the PSB Alpha B stack up against the Paradigm Atom/Titan?? Does the PSB Alpha C with dual 5 1/4" mids and 3/4" tweeters fair well against the Ascend Acoustics cmt-340m? Can the Alpha C keep up with the Paradigm cc-170? One thing I noticed about the appearance of the PSB speakers is that they look a lot like the Energy speakers I seen such as the Conniseur(sorry for the spelling) line. Also, the PSB Alpha line reminds me of the Polk Monitor series. Are there any connections with either Energy or Polk with repsect to PSB? Just curious. Anyways, feel free to share what you know about my questions. Thank you for your time.