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05-30-2005, 07:13 AM
Hey guys. I can get my hands of two paris of '80's vintage RtR speakers from my father-in-law. From the looks of them (and knowing my father-in-laws pocketbook) they look like they were pretty high-end for the time. From what I gather RtR was a New York manufacturer that went under in the late 80's. Someone is now selling imports under the same name, nowhere near the same product. Was RtR originally affiliated with ElectroVoice?

What about these? Should I play aound with them? Let my 9 year-old use them? The cabinets, if nothing else, are nice. One pair is a 2-way bookshelf (6 1/2?). The other is a taller 2-way w/ dual low (4 1/2?) drivers. Sorry, I forgot to write down model numbers. What do you guys think, are these a worthy project? Clean them up? Replace the caps?

Awaiting your advice.



05-30-2005, 12:36 PM
For what it's worth... These are black lacquer (although I think it is a vinyl coating of some kind) and the drivers look modern, not rolled paper cones. I have seen pics of other "RtR" products online that must have predated these. Rolled-edge paper cones. Gawdy printing all over the front. These are not like that. They are heavy and seem to be well-built.

Any ideas, I am curious what these were. I am thinking of repairing these as a project for my kid.