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05-26-2005, 05:20 AM
Ok not sure if the Lost thread got lost or archived, but i couldnt find it so starting a new one on the Season Finale....

What in the...? So the "Other's" apparently are seriously toying with whoever is brought, or whoever they have brought to the island? the thing i thought was a T-Rex is some machine...? the hatch leads to....? for a season finale, it was pretty polar opposite to Desperate Housewives, which at least answered SOME questions. Still i loved it, definitely riveted to my seat and can't wait for the dvd of the season to come out, but wow did it leave open a lot of questions to start of the second season with.

So might have to revise my 'claire's-baby-is-the-messiah-or-anti-christ' theory now that the others wanted Walt all along and not the baby? was a very goosebump filled episode for me. major cliffhanger answers are what's going on with mike/jin/sawyer now that the raft is blown. he said they were fifteen miles out, so could conceivably make it back to the island on the raft and rowing their way, but they're going against the current/wind... then sawyer is shot... sharks... if there are sharks wherever it is that they are... although, the science teacher dude getting blown up, while horribly violent... hate to say it but inspired some incredibly funny reactions from hurley. "dude, that's messed up." anywho... great series... but now what do i watch on tv until september and ncaa football....?