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05-22-2005, 05:03 PM
I fairly recently found this site and have very much enjoyed learning about audio equipment, how it works it is evaluated.

I've especially enjoyed learning about speakers and the many ways their peformance is evaluated.

I dusted off my old (around 1980) Sherwood S9200CP stereo receiver and acculab 320 speakers, same vintage. These have 10" woofers. Hooked up to a CD player they sound pretty good to me, though both where inexpensive.

Picked up some Energy C-5 speakers a few weeks ago and have been using them with the same receiver. I decided to put the acculabs side by side to hear the difference.

To my surprise and untrained ear the acculabs hold up pretty well in comparison.

To me they seem brighter than the Energy speakers. The Energys seem almost mutted next to the acculabs, though the sound is more clear. As stated by many they Enegy base is fairly strong for such small drivers. They are as strong as the 10" acculabs.

Surprisingly the acculabs have more "presence" ( probably using this wrong). In other words the sound seems to be directly in front of me in a very real way, much more so that the Energys.

Just wondered if anyone knows anything about acculabs.


10-02-2005, 07:28 AM
My roommate has a set of Acculab 550s. We caused quite a stir over at the Polk Audio forums looking for information about them. Does anyone here know more about them?